Monday, 13 February 2012

Golden Goose Liver -The Golden Treasure Of Hungary

Most of the people know only the French goose liver (Foie Gras), however Hungarian goose liver producing and eating has a much longer history than French one. Goose Liver consumption and production has a very long tradition in Hungary. Among all Hungarian goose livers, the longest tradition and has the biggest fame is <Golden Goose Liver>. I bought it during my visit in Hungary on Spring 2011. It has been  strongly recommended by the tour leader from Malaysia and she could make a group purchasing on it from a person she knows. As a matter of fact me and my honey had never tasted it before, hence why not we just have a try. I can't remember clearly the actual price of it, guess that was probably €20 to €25 I supposed. Yet I am so regret why we didn't buy more than one can, it's so tiny can, I could easily finish it within a day.

Hungary- "The Home Of Fine Food and Fine Wine"-said Beethovan in the year 1800 during one of his visit in the country. And among all the world-famous Hungarian finest foods, <Hungarian Goose Liver> is the most special of all.

The canned <Golden Goose Liver> after opening is ready to be eaten, it is so aromatic and savory once opened up the can. In fact it doesn't need to be cooked or prepare it any further. We can eat it with roast or cooked meat but don't cook or roast the <Golden Goose Liver> itself. It's utterly irresistible eat with a plain bread, toast or salads which you'll find the great flavors and savory foie gras melt in your mouth.
(P/S: avoid salads with too much mustard or vinegar dressing, foie gras reacts badly bitter or overly strong flavor.)

"Foie Gras" literally means "Fat Liver", hence there is slightly grease on the pinker surface. And the fresh and healthy Hungarian goose liver has a naturally gold color, that's why it called Golden Goose Liver

Spread the foie gras on the bread or toast, simplicity but fully appreciate the savory of foie gras...Believe me, you will keep continuing eat piece by piece incessantly, as I do...❤❤

So so so so...yummmmmmy~

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  1. I love this much! I bought it for €20. Grilled it and ate with crackers and bread. So nice. You can also get nice duck liver pate in the Hungarian supermarkets



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