Monday, 13 February 2012

Down-To-Earth Heartland Potato Chips From South Island, New Zealand

This <Heartland Potato Chips> with "Chicken" flavor is tasty, its old fashioned wave cut texture is different from Malaysia ones which is hard and burnt texture, but as for this its taste so crispy thick and enrich chichken flavor..totally owned, operated and manufactured in the heart of the South even says on the label: "For Kiwis who love potato chips and love New Zealand"..haha..lovely!
I've found it from a convenience store in Queenstown by change. Its wrapping package with the image of few fresh potatoes on ground was impressing, looks natural and unsophisticated. I just love it when first looked at it among all many other products of potato chips, especially when I saw it's 100% Kiwi Product. I just love every local product, authentic and unique from the country I was stepping on its ground...thus if possible I wouldn't buy or eat Japanese products in New Zealand or European countries, and wouldn't buy or eat western foods in Japan, and also wouldn't buy or eat European stuffs in America..^^

Crispy thick old fasioned wave cut potato chips..It's 100% Kiwi product...Eating New Zealand manufactured natural potato chips in the car while enjoying the magnificent, breathtaking and heavenly scenery along the journey, what a pleasure life~❤❤

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