Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Leave Your Footprints In Township Of Omarama New Zealand-The Merino Country

<Omarama> is a very small township at the junction of State Highway 8 near the southern end of Mackenzie Basin, in the South Island New Zealand. It was traditionally a wool growing area, primarily a rural service centre which providing local farmers and residents with necessity and facilities such as grocery shops, fuel, post shop and mechanical services.  Somehow in recent years they have expanded moderately due to the growing of new residents and visitors. It's known as a world-class gliding location due to its strong gliding condition and spectacular scenery in Omarama area. Besides, it also popular of angling (due to there are many lakes and rivers in or vicinity to Omarama where the nearby Ahuriri River is a noted "Fly-fishing" river and many more), and its extraordinary clear and pure sky makes it of great interest to astronomers (Benmore Peak Observatory is located approximately 13 km north of Omarama, and Omarama is Maori for "Place Of Light").

We were using State Highway 8 to return Christchurch from Queenstown, and Omarama is one of the townships along the route. We were badly need to be have some rest and refreshment, as well as a toilet after a long-drove journey from Queenstown. It was a expansive land with a tiny number of household/shops, somehow I love the leisurely atmosphere of the township, not crowded with people nor cars at all, so peaceful, so quiet, nice cold weather and a wide land/ road. We've found a public toilet beside the <Merino Country Cafe & Gift>...Yes! This was the right place where we could have a rest with some refreshments...

Wow! We saw an old man sitting leisurely outside the <Merino Country Cafe & Gift> and devouring his ice-cream in hand, it was definitely irresistible although it was freezing out there~

Haha..This old man looks cute and amiable..I just love the sense of the scene (photo) with an old man sitting and having his ice-cream in a peaceful town~That was why I stealthily took few photos of him...
In the meanwhile I saw he was eating the ice-cream in green color with chocolate chips, I believed that must be good taste owing to the old man seemed like a local, of course he had been tasting all of them and knew which is the best...I supposed ^^

Yeah! We are entering the <Merino Country Cafe & Gift>...and I'm going to pick my ice-cream~

Haha..I've found it, the only ice-cream in green color..< Mint Choc Chip >.

My honey has picked < Mochachino >..Mmmm...I ain't font of ice-cream, candy or chocolate with coffee taste.

Yeah! My < Mint Choc Chip >...I didn't make the wrong decision, it tasted real good...I basically don't font of any Mint flavored ice-cream either, but this Mint flavor fits my preference well...unbelievable! ❤❤

My honey's < Mochachino >...tasted not good enough, he said my < Mint Choc Chic > was rather tasty~


You wanna have some? ^^

Wooo...It was windy and cold, yet we were having our ice-cream in hand~

Yeah! It's my turn to sit down leisurely and enjoying my ice-cream~

It was freezing indeed~ Nevertheless we should have be regret if we didn't leave our footprints in this lovely & peaceful township of Omarama. If I have my next visit in South Island NZ, we decide will probably find a lodge in the township and stay for a couple of days to explore the entirely natural world of Omarama.

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