Thursday, 9 February 2012

My ❤ Toy: iPad 2

I've got my 2011 Anniversary ( 08July ) gift from my Honey, and it was iPad 2-64GB from <Apple>...Hooray! I love it so much.❤❤❤  
The funny thing was I had got my <iPad Smart Cover> a week before received my iPad 2, and it's pink..I love Pink.❤❤❤

Just delivered my iPad 2...yeah!

Open up my gift....

<iPad 2> with a free laser engraving from Apple online touched!

My honey has adding a personal laser-engraved message to my iPad it~

"Randy Lee Loves Carol Hoo Forever 8 July 2001"- The vow of love from my honey~❤❤❤

<iPad 2-64GB>

Lovely <iPad Smart Cover> in pink....

The lovely <iPad Smart Cover> in pink protects, wakes up, stands up and brightens up my iPad 2....

Standing in every angle...

The rear view of <iPad 2>...

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