Friday, 10 February 2012

My ❤ Toy: MacBook Air

I've got my 2011 birthday present from my honey, it was MacBook Air from <Apple>. He knows I love taking photos for my blog, editing photos, posting photos to Facebook/ Blogger and writing blog wherever I go, at Old Town, at KFC, at McDonald's, at MarryBrown or any cafe I go while waiting for my honey during his work. I couldn't do it with my iPhone or iPad either, but this MacBook Air suits me perfectly. It's slim, it's light, it has everything I need to write my blog and manage my photos as well. And its battery lasts longer than any other notebook I used before. Besides we can put MacBook Air to sleep (standby mode) for more than an hour, which means we can come back to MacBook Air a day, a week, even up to an entire month later and yet it wakes in an instant. 

I love it so so much...❤❤

<MacBook Air>~


It looks gorgeous in Stainless Steel Silver color...

I love the <Apple>...

It's slim...thin, light and yet durable~

The keyboard is backlit, and the sensor detects changes in ambient lighting and displays brightness automatically. Now I can type comfortably even in low-light condition and has a perfect illumination in any environment.

The illumination of <Apple>..❤❤❤

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