Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My ❤ Toy: Nikon 1 (J1)

I've got my Nikon 1 from my Honey during his birthday, weird? Because he knows I was longing for it ever since I saw Kimura Takuya 木村拓哉 (きむら たくや) from Nikon's advertisement as below, his dashing look and sexy movement drives me crazily felt in love with him and also Nikon 1. In addition to Kimura cute face, its beauty and gorgeous look of the unique white color design is also one of the reasons I'm font of it so much.❤❤ 

Yes! Thankyou Honey for giving me such a lovely present on "your birthday"...❤❤❤
It is said as it advertised- "If you could see into the future, Nikon 1 is the camera system you would find. Fast and portable, our quick and intelligent Nikon 1 cameras have been built from scratch to capture moments as they happen. Able to start recording before you fully press the shutter button and continue after you've clicked, they deliver images you could never have imagined."

Handsome, charming and super cute Kimura makes me fall in love with Nikon especially Nikon 1...❤❤

This is the advertisement of Nikon 1 which performed by Kimura...❤❤❤

Charming Mr White... J1 Model, 1 Nikkor Double Zoom Kit ( VR 10-30mm ) & ( VR 30-110mm ).

Nikon 1...

Am I lovely?

All are white, so purify ❤❤

Nikon 1 with its tool~

1 Nikkor~

Elegant look of Nikon 1..

Comes with a Nikon1 case...

The box contents my favorite toy-Nikon 1 and its tools ❤❤

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