Monday, 20 February 2012

Patagonia Chocolates Ice-Cream In Arrowtown New Zealand

<Patagonia Chocolates> in Arrowtown (the historical town) was the first and original shop which serving hot chocolate, as well as variety flavors of their chocolates and ice-creams. Besides they offer everyone come and see the making of the chocolate in an open kitchen. We found the < Patagonia Chocolates > by unintentionally during our half-day sight-seeing to Arrowtown in a sunny morning from Queenstown. However, there are still some sort of exotic flavors of chocolates don't sell in Queenstown but merely in Arrowtown store such as wasabi & sesame seed, cracked pepper & lemon and cherry & pinot noir. Nevertheless, I haven't try out any flavor of their chocolates but ice-cream (I have no idea about their chocolate was being rather primary and significant than ice-cream by that time, or I might be tried out every single of them..haha..).

The story of < Patagonia Chocolates > goes....."Alejandro (or Alex) Gimenez- an Argentinean-Italian who was a Hangglider pilot emigrated from Argentina 4 years ago, was also the founder and owner of <Patagonia Chocolates>. He was planning his shop location on the second day since the first day he was struck at the similar temperates between Queenstown and Patagonia, both being 45' South latitude. He knew about chocolate, so he started his chocolate shop in Arrowtown and was almost instant success, which to make him opened his second (larger) store in Queenstown after 6 months.....". 

Despite the <Tramontana> is the best selling ice-cream, I was choosing <Patagonia Dark Chocolate With Macadamias>. And it tasted great, in fact I'm Macadamia lover~

<Vanilla Bean> was chosen by my honey~It was kinda sweet for me :P

Waiting to get our ice-cream in cup~

The splendid colors of the ice-creams were so tempting and fascinating, definitely mouth drooling. As a matter of fact, all the ice-creams elements and waffle cones are made on the premises. The only thing that isn't done themselves is roasting of the coffee beans (which is done locally). I should have tried the ice-cream in waffle cone and not in cup, cause the waffle cone is handmade and I didn't know that either, what a regret.

Yeah...I've got mine! It's luring me somehow..yumyum!

Does it look lovely and fascinating?

Don't miss to try the ice-cream nor chocolate when you come to this historical town-Arrowtown, or you can go to their second store in Queenstown otherwise (if you don't mind lack of some sort of exotic flavors of chocolates to try out).

Was a wonderful weather (sunny and indeed freezing), to have a cup of 2 scoops of < Patagonia Chocolates > ice-cream outside the store, sat on a chair at the aisle, indulged in an amazing atmosphere. Wonderful day~

40 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown, New Zealand.
Tel: +64 (03) 4098584
9am-6pm 7 days a week

Lakefront of 50 Beach Street, Queenstown, New Zealand.
Tel: +64 (03) 4429066
8am-11pm 7 days a week
(Free Wifi access with any purchase)


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