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Restaurant Zu Chuan 祖传面粉糕专卖店

Mee Hoon Kueh 面粉糕 ( Hand-pulled Noodles ) wouldn't be strange to us-Chinese Malaysian. It sells in many hawker centers, food courts...and should have be one of the popular homemade foods in many family, as my late mum could made it easily and delicious at home and so could I. However we still have it at different places sometimes in order to taste the different flavors and textures among all. Nevertheless there were no any specialty store for Mee Hoon Kueh 面粉糕 ( Hand-pulled Noodles ) yet in Malacca before until the opening of < Restaurant Zu Chuan 祖传面粉糕专卖店 >. 

< Restaurant Zu Chuan 祖传面粉糕专卖店 > at Taman Melaka Raya ( the popular tourism region, guess it can be easily spotted by tourists ). It's the third branch they had opened according to their leaflet as below, somehow this was the first and only I knew recently due to its location just next to the main road and its big red eye-catching signboard which can be seen from a distance.

A leaflet can get from the counter tabletop.

It was quite packed on the Saturday evening...

Almost full house by the time I reached there...

Various Mee ( Mee Hoon Kueh, Pan Mee, Mee Suah, Yee Mee, Mee Soya, Yu Mee and Bee Hoon ), dishes ( Fish Ball, Meat Ball, Tau Kee, Egg, Vegetable, Ikan Billis, Fried Meat and Dry Mushroom ) and drinks are served in this specialty store...

The condiments they serve are blended balacan chili, pepper, chili padi and soy sauce, which taste perfectly match with Mee Hoon Kueh or any other mee are served here.

Barley Ice (Rm 1.50) and Chinese Tea Ice (Rm 0.50).

My < Mee Hoon Kueh 祖传面粉糕 >(Medium) Rm 4.60...

My honey's < Pan Mee 板面>(Large) Rm 5.30...

< Chinese Herbal Soup Mee Hoon Kueh 药膳汤面粉糕点> (Medium) Rm 6.90.

For those who loves chinese herbal taste, you will totally love this. This was the very first time I've ever heard about Mee Hoon Kueh with herbal soup...The generous chef adds plentiful herbal ingredients in the soup...In addition to have a great meal, you can treat yourself better with the tonic either.

Various chinese herbal ingredients can be found in the soup...taste good!

After finished the soup...yet plenty of chinese herbal ingredients leftover...

We have addition dishes < Fish Balls > (Rm 0.80 each x 3)  and < Meat Balls > (Rm 0.80 each x 5)...

Yes, we are gonna start our meal now~

I have added 2 large tablespoons blended balacan chili onto my < Mee Hoon Kueh > .....I love spicy!

My honey has added 1 tablespoon blended balacan chili onto his < Pan Mee >....just nice for him ^^

The fish ball is huge~the reason why it costs Rm 0.80 each..haha!

Eat every piece of < Mee Hoon Kueh > and comes with the chili padi on it...Mmmm...It's gonna spice you up, spread the hot and numbing your entire tongue and throat, makes you sweat all of a sudden, and some of you will definitely come with tears & mucus flowing..( p/s: the above-mentioned are hardly happen on me, in fact I'm a spice lover ).

Chili padi~my love ❤❤

My honey loves the harder texture of mee, therefore < Pan Mee > suits him well, it has the thin and harder texture...

I love the softer and smoother texture of mee, < Mee Hoon Kueh > is simply nice for me with its thicker and smoother texture, yummy!

We decided to order < Durian Cendol >as our dessert after meal, but unluckily the durian had finished. Therefore we've changed to < Cendol >....

Wow! Thanks God we ordered one bowl < Cendol > (Rm 3.90) for sharing, guess I might not be able to finish one bowl by myself after eating the Mee Hoon Kueh....By the way < Cendol > is one of the must eat desserts in town for visitors. 

Stir well...mingle all the brown sugar, coconut milk, crushed ice, red bean and cendol...The mixture are so  tasty, most of all it's appropriated to chill our body heat during these hot and humid weather.

The brown sugar looks so fascinating..yumyum!

Mouth drooling....

We have ended up our dinner with sense of satisfaction, and it was no service charge and government charge..It's tasty and yet value for money.

Restaurant Zu Chuan 祖传面粉糕专卖店
51, 51A Jalan Melaka Raya 24,
Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka

Tel: 06-2822819

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