Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Route To Milford Sound 1: Queenstown ➤ Te Anau

<Milford Sound>-New Zealand's most famous tourist destination and has been judged the worlds top travel destination in an international survey (2008 Traveller's Choice Destination Awards By TripAdvisor). Besides it's also known as "The Eighth Wonder Of The World". Most of tourists to Milford Sound will depart from Queenstown which is 307km (4-5 hours by drive) and some will depart from the 
Te Anau which is 121km away (located within the half way from Queenstown to Milford Sound). Te Anau is a "Must Stop" destination before getting to Milford Sound, where to check out the mountainous road circumstance to Milford Sound if its closured due to terrible weather which may causes avalanches or merely opens for cars which have their snow chains on due to icy road (no worries the snow chains rental are available in Te Anau). However you will be allowed to go up without any snow chains either if the weather is good, things are depend on our lucks. And it's also the last town where you still have the chance for your car petrol refills before Milford Sound because you won't find any after the town.

It was too early to see sunlight yet after we have taken our breakfast in hotel ...Nevertheless I was feeling good~❤❤ 

We were departing from our hotel in Queenstown 6am++ early in the morning to Milford Sound where approximately 4-5 hours drive ( 2 to 2.5 hours from Queenstown ➤Te Anau, and 2 to 2.5 hours from Te Anau ➤ Milford Sound ) and return to Queenstown again another 4-5 hours. Gotta make sure we have enough petrol before leaving for our next destination- Te Anau.

Everywhere was totally foggy, yet it seemed like we were driving toward a heavenly place~ Amazing!

The sceneries along the route were beautifully covered by a thick fog....

Mist was getting disappeared, the sun was rising up to greet us in the morning...the surroundings were changing gorgeously. I would never ever get bored seeing all these magnificent sceneries along the way, how I wish I could stay forever in this heavenly place with my honey.❤❤❤

Numerous of farms, ranches and livestocks could be easily found along the way. I could barely fall asleep during the 2.5 hours journey, you wouldn't know what kind of magnificent and splendid landscapes coming up next before your eyes, they are so precious for my camera shots and my memories.

Lovely place with lovely scenes along State Highway 6 from Queenstown to Te Anau...

Sun shining day...yet the weather as cold as ice, freezing~❤❤

"Beware Icy Roads" can be seen all the way, so be more caution while driving, the road is extremely icy and slippery despite you can't see any white snow covers on the road surface with your naked eyes. 
(Right) Now we were about to enter the town of Te Anau for relaxation before continue our journey and get the information of driving through mountainous route to Milford Sound, checking if we need to carry snow chain for our car or any closure of the road due to peak avalanche probability. It became so foggy once again at Te Anau, I was totally apprehensive if we could reach Milford Sound without a hitch, it has too densely fogs and cold weather at Te Anau, and what about the route circumstance to Milford Sound? I really hope everything was going to be smooth and fine since I was coming a long way from Malaysia and perhaps it would be my only opportunity to be South Island of New Zealand. Prayers to God, bless us......

To Be Continue, Stay Tuned...< Route To Milford Sound 2 >

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