Thursday, 2 February 2012

Route To Milford Sound 2: Te Anau

.....Continued from  <Route To Milford Sound 1>

It was densely foggy and cold weather while reaching at <Te Anau>- which is connected by highway with Invercargil to southeast, Queenstown to northeast, Gore to the east and Manapouri to the south. It's the start of <Milford Road> the highway to Milford Sound which lies approximately 120 km to the north. In <Te Anau>, visitors can get the road circumstance informations of the <Milford Road> to Milford Sound if there are any closure due to bad weather, and also can have their car petrol refill ( make sure the car has enough petrol for return journey, because there isn't any petrol station on the 2 to 2.5 hours route later or in the Milford Sound region ). Besides, there have souvenir shops and also the snow chains rental if there are snowy or icy road due to bad weather, or we are forbidden to go through the mountainous route to Milford Sound otherwise.

A beautiful scene of a sailboat sailing in the middle of a foggy <Lake Te Anau>.....Am I being in the heaven right now? 
<Te Anau> is on the eastern shore of <Lake Te Anau> the largest lake in the South Island and the second within New Zealand right after <Lake Taupo>.

We couldn't see any landscape from a distance due to <Te Anau> was brimming with thick fogs everywhere.

It's really a misty town~

The factor of densely fog caused us unable to see the spectacular view of <Lake Te Anau> and its scenery of the opposite bank. Somehow the misty landscape was pretty good either.  ( Right Top ) The statue of "Takahe" is built at the middle of the town of Te Anau where tourism and agriculture both the predominant economic activities, and lying as it does at the borders of <Fiordland National Park> is the gateway to a wilderness area famed for tramping and spectacular scenery. Many species of bird life are also found locally, notably the endangered "Takahe" which can be found at the <Fiordland Wildlife Park>.

We were about to continue our journey to Milford Sound ( another 2 to 2.5 hours journey). Thanks God we were lucky enough that we were told by the shopkeeper of the snow chain rental according to his report, that the condition and weather of the <Milford Road- State Highway 94> was good enough to get rid of using snow chain, and of course we were allowed to get through to Milford Sound as our wish. Hooray~Milford Sound, here we come!!!

To Be Continued, Stay Tuned.....< Route To Milford Sound 3 >

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