Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Route To Milford Sound 3: Lake Mistletoe

......Continued from < Route To Milford Sound 2: Te Anau >

Not far after we took off from Te AnauClick Here ), we were about to come into a heavenly place of the <Route to Milford Sound- State Highway 94> which is also called <Milford Road> where we could see somewhat extraordinary light and airy mist layer floating above the lake. They seem like a clouds as well as smokes, and as if the lake we were looking at and the ground we were standing on was high above to the sky and touched the cloud layer where is called Paradise...

Heavenly place~

< Lake Mistletoe > of the numerous lakes and creeks along the route to Milford Sound~

I couldn't take my sight off those scenes...It just like a dreamland, am I awaken or am I still in the illusion? 

In fact there are numerous magnificent lakes and creeks along the route to Milford Sound (Milford Road)..However we didn't have much time to stop by and explore every single of them since we still need to be rushing for our <Milford Sound Cruise> and return journey to Queenstown afterward ( It would take approximately 4-5hours drive from Milford Sound ).

As if we are standing on the ground of the Paradise, clouds and mists as our backdrop and surroundings...Wow! I love Milford Sound, I love New Zealand ❤❤❤

The weather was freezing, the sun was gloriously shining and the scenery was spectacular...what else could we ask for more?

The further we drove, the scenery keep changing....from the cloud-layered lake to the meadow as far as the eye could see was totally covered by a thick snow layer although the rising sun was splendidly shining through....Somehow the scenes constantly changing and changing, you would never know what kind of vista was waiting for you ahead...

To Be Continued, Stay Tuned.......< Route To Milford Sound 4: Remarkable Greek >

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