Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Route To Milford Sound 4: Remarkable Greek

This was an accessible creeks that we could park our vehicle at the bank. I couldn't recall if there was any signboard stated the name of the creek. We were impressed by the magnificent view of the creek while passing through...The creek water looked so clear and purify by naked eyes, guess it might be drinkable as well. Its rocky & sandy bank yet remained a smidgen snow-cover. There has an old folk pitch a camp at the bank enjoying the spectacular scenery of the creek, guess he was going to spent the night at the place, that's a good idea though, after all NZ is a peaceful and safe country. ^^ honey was drinking the creek water..."The water is tasty, cool, sweet and purify..", he said...

It was too freezing, or I was going to have a sunbathing in the creek otherwise ^^

Everywhere is so natural, magnificent, peaceful, safe and sound in South Island, New Zealand. ❤❤

Woohoo...."I'm so free and leisure in this great atmosphere! Yet I'm so tiny preceding of this enormous lofty mountains and creek!", he said. ^^

It was sunny day somehow the temperature was rather low though...

Wow! My honey was concentrate his attention completely to the creek...He might be thinking of angling at the creek bank ( he loves fishing anyway ), how he would wish we had enough time pitch a camp, spent a night and have a angling leisurely in such fabulous atmosphere.

Look at those remaining snow smoothies on the creek bank...reminded me of having a cup of fruity crushed ice drink/ smoothies...Once again, it was so cold out there~

Honey, what made you so concentrated starring at..?

No matter what....we still need to continue our journey toward Milford Sound....although there were too many spectacular views to thwart our footsteps along the Milford Road (State Highway 94)....

To Be Continued, Stay Tuned......< Route To Milford Sound 5: Eglinton Valley >

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