Thursday, 16 February 2012

Route To Milford Sound 6: Mirror Lake

We have reached the < Mirror Lake >...In fact there has countless spectacular lakes in South Island New Zealand, and this is the second lake known as <Mirror Lake> apart from the <Lake Matheson> in Fox Glacier which is also known as <Mirror Lake> I had explored a coupe of days back.

<Mirror Lakes>...The path we were walking was too icy and slippery due to the snow-melted surface. We need to walk very carefully holding tight any handrail we could reach.

Even thought the spectacular view as our backdrop was blocked by some underbrushes, yet we could easily spot the scene of snow-capped undulating mountains and vivid blue lake which was actually the reflection of the blue sky~

Mere words and photos couldn't capture the awesomeness and grandeur of the breathtaking panoramic vista. The weather were surprisingly great, as annual rainfall in Fiordlands region is nearly 200 days a year. Milford Sound is known as the wettest inhabited place in New Zealand and one of the wettest in the world. 

We have taken numerous photos of the reflection of mountain peaks in the still and crystal clear lake waters.

We were too astonished for words and also totally mesmerized by the stupendousness of the entire region, awesome~

How we wish to get rather unobstructed view of the reflection through the immobile lake surface~

Hey! We better hold tightly to the handrail to avoid falling down caused by slippery icy surface of the pathway~

We kept moving forward to get closer to our destination- Milford Sound before our cruise taking off.. Therefore we better hurry up cause there yet have too many "Must" stop attractions ahead....

To Be Continued, Stay Tuned....< Route To Milford Sound 7: Homer Tunnel > 

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