Sunday, 12 February 2012

Route To Milford Sound 5: Eglinton Valley

We had stopped at the < Eglinton Valley Viewpoint > to have some stunning photographs of < Eglinton Valley >, one of the few road-accessible valleys in Fiordland National Park. It's approximately 30 minutes drive north of Te Anau that pass on the way to Milford Sound through Milford Road. This valley is well known for " The Avenue Of The Disappearing Mountain " and as well as its spectacular vista. Some said <Eglinton Valley> is one of many scenes in the "Lord Of The Rings" film trilogy, it couldn't be verified by me cause I'm not a loyal fan of the movie. Nevertheless New Zealand is the stunning locations where the entire movie was filmed. 

< Eglinton Valley➔Viewpoint >....

It's a meadow as far as eyes can see, we didn't have much time to access any further to the <Eglinton Valley> but merely taking photos from a distance. Its valley is glaciated with steep sides and a flat floor. Since the <Eglinton Valley>  is a long narrow valley with clear natural boundaries, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and a road running up the middle, therefore it's an ideal location to explore and see the stunning surrounds from one of the only road-accessible valleys in Fiordland

Haha...My honey looks so tiny on this valley and the meadow as far as our eyes could see...

We were totally encompassed by the spectacular scene... honey was acting cool~❤❤

The meadow was yet covered by a smidgen of snows...It was windy and freezing~

How I wish I could bring Oscar (my dog) along and run him on this vast land, with its fresh and cool atmosphere. That should definitely gratify Oscar to highest excitement. ^^

Magnificent vista~

The day was sunny, weather was cold, the scenery was spectacular...everything was simply a prefect getaway to me and my honey~❤❤❤

To Be Continued, Stay Tuned....< Route To Milford Sound 6- Mirror Lakes >

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