Friday, 30 March 2012

Beauty Tips: Garnier Light Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On

Always agonized by dark circles under your eyes? And skin becomes extremely dry and causes fine lines whenever covered with powder, concealer or foundation? All these problems were used to be "Yes" to me, and not anymore since I found <Garnier Light Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll On> at one occasion a year ago.  The result of using this eye roll-on is pretty effective compares to other fairly expensive brands which I had tried before, and I'm not gonna mention their names as well. What I used to get regardless any brand or variant ( concealer, powder or foundation ) was rather dryness and even caused an obvious fine lines as well as wrinkles under and outer corner of my eyes before long after applied within the day. Somehow <Garnier Light Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll On> doesn't give rise to these problems seriously, it's pretty much better results with more radiant, natural, long-lasting moisten, tighten, cooling, less tired-look and importantly value for money ( It simply costs Rm24.90 normal price @ Guardian and even cheaper during promotion period ) compares with other fairly expensive products.  Besides this eye roll-on can be applied on the nasolabial folds ( commonly known as "smile lines" or "laugh lines" ) as I practice all the time and it does work great than any concealer I used before. 

The product contains 10 instant visible effects as below:

2.More radiant
3.More even tone
4.Less dark circles
5.Less dark spots
8.Less tired
9.More hydrated 

Since <Garnier Light Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll Onhas Pure Lemon Essence that visibly removes dullness around the eye area and mineral pigments to conceal imperfection on eye skin, we can use it as nude makeup where no foundation or BB cream is required but merely <Garnier Light Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll On>. After the daily skincare routine and sunblock, simply apply this eye roll-on to any imperfection or dull area such as under eyes, nasolabial folds, wing of the nose, dark spots or freckles, and still it can used for highlights on both cheekbones and bridge of the nose to present more solid and sharp contour of face, thus a naturally nude makeup is done pretty simple with a mere eye roll-on. So why not just get rid of heavy makeup sometimes and try to be natural appearance beauty. Let's get started today and leave your skin a breath at times with this simple method.

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