Monday, 5 March 2012

Bershka-My Favorite Collection

My first contact with  < Bershka > was not long ago. It was on April 2011 during my visit in Eastern Europe- Prague, Czech Republic. I was in the middle of shopping for some special brand clothing which couldn't be found in my country. Zara, MNG, Addidas, Puma, H&MPull and Bear and many clothing stores are found commonly in Malaysia. Therefore they were not in my consideration, in the meanwhile I had noticed a newly brand to me-< Bershka > where the clothing displayed was so trendy, young and unique (However Bershka has launched their stores in Malaysia approximately 7,8 months after I had bought Bershka from Prague, somehow the prices are much more higher than Prague). Without hesitating I went into the shop with my honey and started to aim my desires. And the brand was happened to be promoting sales at the time, lucky me. After converting to Malaysia currency, it was even cheaper than Zara which sold in my country, besides I love overwhelmingly the clothing designed of < Bershka >..trendy, fancy and vogue which is totally my desire fashion style.

These were the clothing I found in < Bershka > one of the shopping outlets in Arkady Pankrac, Prague Czech Republic. In fact < Bershka > was created in April 1998 and has its alongside sister brands which also owned by Spanish Inditex Group  such as Zara, Massimo Dutti. Pull and Bear, Oysho and many more. It's a new store and fashion concept aimed at a young target market, and I'm the one who had been completely lured into the trap despite I ain't that young though..Haha...I mean I'm not an adolescent no more, yet I think their style suits me well.

I have never get tired of any "One Shoulder Shirt or Dress" since always, and this design is my all time favorite. Therefore it's rational for me to choose it among others. Besides it was also the new arrival item and latest Spring collection after all (April 2011). Love it~❤❤❤

Haha..I could't wait any longer to wear it. I wore this single shoulder shirt the very next day..Yeah! It was Spring!

The brown color leather jacket was one of the promote sales items on rack too. I've had a fitting trial on it and it fits me well, and my honey said I look great in it. Since the price ain't costly especially after discount comparatively with other leather jackets on market regardless of any brand.



It looks great in every single detail~

Despite it was Spring season, the weather went unpredictable though especially evening and nighttime...therefore an applicable jacket was required during the season. I felt perfectly comfortable in this jacket.

My Bershka Collection & My Outerwear Bershka.

The Brown Jacket costs 599.00KC and The Single Shoulder Shirt costs 399.00KC after discount.

Yeah! I've got my very first two outfits from Bershka @ Arkady Pankrac, Prague Czech Republic

This was the Arkady Pankrac shopping mall in Prague neighboring our hotel where I first met my favorite brand of < Bershka > and had my lovely clothes~

Arkady Pankrac
Na Pankraci 1353/4,
14000 Praha 4-Nusle,
Czech Republic.

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