Monday, 12 March 2012

Carol's Little Tip: How To Remove Thin Blood And The Smell Of Blood From Meat

As many of us know and would have needed to remove thin blood from Beef, Pork, Chicken or any kind of meats when doing their certain culinary, however some would have done otherwise. The purpose of this routine is to remove the excessive bloods or fat from the meat as well as the smell of blood which may wreck the taste of the dishes and harm our health for a long term. Besides, some people will skip this routine for soup cooking, whereas they might just add the meat into the water for boiling, and remove the unneeded slags on the soup surface before served. However I'd prefer the former instead of the latter. Here is the easy method of removing those unneeded slags of all kind of meats.

(1)   Prepare a pot of water which enough to submerge your meat.

(2)  Add in the meat in the water and bring to boil.

(3)  You will notice there are some white slags floating on the surface. Use a soup spoon to ladle out the slags from the boiling water surface. 

(4)  Eventually drain the meat and prepare for your further use. ( Some might have not drain the meat from the boiling water, they will keep using the same pot water for soup cooking otherwise, the matter is we need to remove the slags from the surface of boiling water no matter how ). 

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