Friday, 9 March 2012

合记林真香 @ China Town Bangkok

If says Malaysia has < 我来也> & <陈金福 TanKimHock>, Macau has <鉅记> , Singapore has <美珍香>, so absolutely we can say <林真香> is representative authentic snack/pastry shop for Bangkok. We had our first dinner in China Town on the day we touched down on the "Land Of Smile"-Bangkok. There were various exotic foods in China Town. Although we call them Chinese Foods, but most of them are somewhat amalgamated both Chinese and Thai cuisines to one another. And they taste great no matter what. < 林真香 > was our following venue after dinner. We were attracted by a giant signboard from a distant. It worths to buy as souvenirs or have it ourself according to my cousin sister, hence we never gonna miss a chance. In fact there are two branches of < 合记林真香 > in China Town, they even located on the same main road. The following post was the first one I went on the first day touchdown, but we were back to China Town again on the second last day before departing to grab more snacks from < 合记林真香 >, somehow we went into the wrong shop due to they have the same name on the same place. However they are selling the same products, without hesitating we bought it either, no big deal~

"Sawadeekah" from me to everyone, and " Swadeecup" from the shop mascot "Piggy" either~

A giant signboard named < 林真香 >...eye-cathcing from a distant~

Haha..The crocodile wanna says "Swadeecup" to guests too~

A vast crowd all the time~

Searching and surveying the local specialty, many seem to be newly to us. Respective boxes of pastries are prepared for free testing, you are welcomed to taste it before you buy or not buy..It's definitely a perfect place for tourists as us to get something authentic and representative foods in Bangkok.

Little tiny Thai seasonings which only cost THB 100.00.

They are tiny enough to carry away :P


After an hour shopping in < 林真香 > @ China Town, Bangkok.

My snacks from 林真香....In fact they are selling many more various snacks/pastry, there must be some fit your taste.

Too bad, I should have bought tons of them for my future stocks....Haha..In fact I finished all of them within a days, and I couldn't find any available in Malaysia then...Therefore I'd say Bangkok, I will be coming back to you grab more and more exotic snacks which unavailable elsewhere but Bangkok.

< 濕鱿鱼 (小辣 ) Moist Cuttlefish Slice ( mild hot ) > the hot level is mild and acceptable for none spicy lover either I suppose, I'd prefer the super hot.^^

Look at the cuttlefish slice with fine cut....thin, light and transparency sliced as well as sticky glossy texture  with chili seeds on it.

< 濕鱿鱼 ( 大辣 ) Moist Cuttlefish ( super hot ) > I love super hot the most..In fact there are 3 choices in the range-mild, medium and super hot. 

Can you see a huge amount of blended chili on the sticky glossy sliced cuttlefish? This is so called "Super hot"...In fact it's not as hot as you least not for me :P

< 白色鱿鱼丝 White Shredded Cuttlefish > has very dense milky taste, special but greasy. I'm not sure if they adding any dairy products in it. Despite we were not fond of it so much, both of we finished them somehow.

< 牛奶榴莲糖 Milky Durian Candy > ( THB 40 ) has dense aromatic and taste of Durian, it just can't be eaten stealthily and unknown by others, owing to its fragrance assails everybody's nostril once the candy wrap opens. My honey loves it so much but I think it's too sweet for me :P

They have Original flavored, Pizza flavored and Crab-Stick flavored in different colors packages.

Oolong Tea ( THB 150 ), Rosella Tea ( THB 100 ) and Ginger Tea ( THB 100 ).

< Oolong Tea > for my mother in law..

< Ginger Tea > for my father~


  • 380 &392, Yaowarat Road, Sampanthawongse, Bangkok
  • Tel:
( P/S: There was another newer and bigger branch I went on the first day ( photos taken in this post ), but nothing to be done to get the address of it. The above-mentioned address is the other one I went on the second last day which is somewhat outmoded & nostalgia branch, and no photo to be taken either due to we were lack of time. Nevertheless both of them are easy to be spotted, they are located on the same main road of China Town, Bangkok.

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