Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cooling Refreshment Coconut IceCream @ Jatujak Bangkok

Bangkok undoubtedly known for its various fine foods, street foods, spicy foods as tom yam and many more...Besides did I ever tell you guys how great their sorbet was? Everyone knows famous ice-cream origin from Hokkaido, ItalyAustraliaNew ZealandSwitzerland and etc...which are creamy, moist, variety of origin flavors of their native products such as milk, coco, fruits and many others. However we don't be overlook those ice-creams produced by tropical fruits such as Coconut as well as Durian. I strongly recommend the < Coconut Ice-Cream > which I have had in Jatujak, Bangkok a couple of months ago on December 2011. Despite the weather in Bangkok during December was terrific, cool enough to me for not sweating even a little bit then during our stroll down the weekend market- Jatujak at noon, we still wanna enjoy something locally sorbet and seemed so famous that has all time crowded to bursting point such as this < Coconut Ice-Cream >.  

Full house~

The stall workers didn't seem to have time for taking a breath due to the endless stream of guests. 

< Coconut Ice-Cream > ( THB 30 ) and < Young Coconut Drink > ( THB 35 )...par value ^^

Piles of coconuts....

The coconuts are cut-open to be ready to add on one scoop of coconut flavored ice-cream and 2 choices of side sweetened ( corns, Nata de coco, peanuts, jelly and etc... ).

Creative decoration using young coconut tied up from the canopy, they look lovely~

Awaiting our ice-cream to be served...Haha..Just kidding, it's self-service and no one is going to serve you. We were waiting for my lovely cousin sister and her hubby bought the thing for us, so sweet of them ^^... In fact everyone will look for the seat right after they have ordered, paid and carried away the ice-cream, or else they can take it away having some other places. However no worries for that, the ice-cream is small it can be finished within a second and diners will stand up and get away from there, easy to find free seat then.

Everyone has different sweetened ingredients according to everyone preferences.

This is mine, peanut and Nata de yummy! They matched to each other perfectly~

This is my honey's, peanuts and corn...taste good either~

Haha..Happy to get his ice-cream finally~

Wanna have some? Do come to Jatujak, Bangkok and have yourself a refreshment of this authentic taste of Bangkok.

Enjoy our < Coconut Ice-cream > under the lovely weather. A big thanks to my lovely cousin sister who had recommended the ice-cream to me  as well as bought and served us like King & Queen ( In fact we were just sitting there and waited for our ice-cream )..Haha!

Finished a split-second time...awesome!

The boss is so thoughtful, a big pot filled with coconut water is prepared for the customers...and it's unlimited free refill as well. Trust me, you would incessantly refill then once you have tasted it..It's so freshy sweet with no any additional sweetener.

Unlimited free refill coconut water~


Another coconut decoration hanging on the canopy~

Watch out! Don't knock your head then~Haha...

Satisfied faces~

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