Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cosy Atmosphere @ Arrow Cafe, Arrowtown New Zealand

Certainly the < Arrow Cafe > is located in Arrowtown, New Zealand .  If you do ask the reason why we were choosing it? The answer is simple, I choose it due to its name. Yes, as I said before I love something authentic feel in both food or atmosphere of the place I travel. Life is so simple, let's figure out or do something for a simple reason, living in the moment. Everything we do or think, it doesn't to be complicated or has a significant reason or answer, all you have to do is follow your heart and listen to its desires as me and my honey always did. The matter is the happiness we seize, there's never has the second chance and turning back the clock. Somehow it will be totally something else even if we have the chance of returning back @ the same place in different time, everything is not gonna be the same. Therefore about an hour exploring the town, we needed some refreshments at a cosy cafe to rest our body for a while, so that's it~

In addition to the name of the cafe, the bigger sign of the word <WiFi> was something attracting me. I needed to sign in my FB updating my status and sharing some of my newest photos in NZ to my friends.

Guess what, it was so cold indeed even though it looked so sunny out there~

Despite <Arrow Cafe> is situated at a fairly hidden place of the town, the hoardings of the cafe yet can be found everywhere~It wouldn't be omitted anyway....

Various teas and coffees...

Since we were not so hungry, we merely ordered beverages instead of desserts or pastries...In fact we just wanted to feel the leisurely atmosphere as the locals do..

It was still early in the morning, the cafe was still empty enough to have us to feel the cosy and peaceful atmosphere, I love it anyway..The quality or taste of the beverages/foods we gonna have was not my consideration no more.

Felt so cosy with the comfortably warm morning sun illuminating throughout the room while there were kinda freezing out there. Can you feel the way I feel by seeing the picture? I guess not, it's just something that couldn't be describing with mere words and photos :P

Sort of quiet & isolated early in the morning, not crowded but only a table or two of diners who have a cup of coffee or tea leisurely, it was kinda relaxing ...I love it anyway.❤❤

Lovely decoration, simple but great...

Fascinating pattern on my honey's cappuccino, lovely~

My <Frank Sparkling Zesty Lemonade>, so refreshing~

Feel a lot cosy in the cafe~

We were too stuffed to order additional desserts or pastry anyway, due to we have had our "heavy" breakfast in hotel earlier.

Every nook of the cafe seems to be so cosy to me~

Haha...Have myself an update on Facebook since WiFi was provided. As a matter of fact it was hardly to get ourselves on network while being in South Island, New Zealand. Guess that's the best way for us totally have our vacation getaways and get rid of any irritating stuffs back in hometown. ^^

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