Thursday, 8 March 2012

北回木瓜牛奶 Creamy And Tasty Papaya Milk Smoothie

I would never be fond of papaya milk smoothie prior my first tasted of it in Taipei, Taiwan. In fact papaya is one of the fruits I dislike due to its too mushy texture most of the time and weird smell I've had before. Therefore any papaya fruit juice or fruit punch wouldn't be my choice of beverage since always. However I have felt in love with Papaya Milk Smoothie ever since I have had my very first <Papaya Milk Smoothie 北回木瓜牛奶> in one of their branches neighboring to Ximending 西門町 during my visit to Taipei Taiwan on April 2010. I started surveying throughout my country and found out none of them has comparatively tasty as  <Papaya Milk Smoothie 北回木瓜牛奶> which I had in Taipei ( Most of them do have a weird smell of papaya that I don't like even if they have mixed with milk, whereas the milk they are using not creamy enough and ices are not fine crushed. I would never gonna have any Papaya Milk Smoothie in Malaysia since then ).

I was struggling so much to be persuaded by my cousin sister who has had it a day before. And yet our hotel was just a walking distance from there, it could be seen everyday we walked by. Therefore I have ordered one cup to be sharing with my honey then. Omg! It looks simple ( with ingredients of mere papaya, milk and crushed-ice ) but incredibly tasty, totally different with what could I imagine earlier. Besides the design of the store is kinda cute and eye-catching with its stunning orange color, guess it would hardly to be omitted then.

Haha...Guess the cute guy behind me at the store front was the person in charge, he was so friendly and enthusiasm asking where we came from. When he knew we were coming from Malaysia and Singapore, he seems so happy and insisted to take our photo in front his store which to be pasted on the wall of the store according to him. Haha...Are we superstar-like? Anyway he's cute and nice ^^

In addition to < Papaya Milk Smoothie > as their signature on the menu, they do serve many others such as Pearl Barley Milk ( hot and smoothie ), Longan Milk ( served hot or smoothie ), Chocolate Milk ( served hot or smoothie ), Red Bean Milk Smoothie, Watermelon Milk Smoothie, Banana Milk ( seasonal ), Kiwifruit ( seasonal ) and etc...Besides they have pastry as variety toasts either ( signature toast,  butter, peanut, strawberry, chocolate, butter biscuit ).

Yeah! I've got my <Papaya Milk Smoothie 北回木瓜牛奶> with less ice and half sweet ( sweetness and ice amount are optional, any requirement is acceptable...more ice, less ice, no ice, more sweet, half sweet, no sweet...anything's on your preference, just leave your order ). 

My choice of Papaya Milk Smoothie with less ice and half sweet was just nice, it was so creamy, precisely chilling with its fine crushed ice, appropriated sweetness matches perfectly with the aroma of papaya ( basically I find that the papaya I used to eat has a weird smell and taste, somehow its taste becomes awesome mixing with that creamy milk and fine-crushed ice ) ..Mmmm..yumyum! Love it so much~

Mmmm...Can't stop sipping and sipping~

The friendly store in charge ( or the store owner perhaps ) approached us asking if he could take a photo of ours to paste on the store wall then, certainly we did agree... What a pleasure~
( In fact we did ask him help us to snap another photo with our own camera, he was very attentive~)

Eventually we did take a photo with him personally as a return..He's cute and nice..haha...

北回木瓜牛奶 ( Since 1994 )
No. 130, KūnMíng Street Wanhua District Taipei City Taiwan
Tel:  2388 5855
Opens Daily From 10am to 11pm

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