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Discover The Historical Arrowtown, New Zealand

< Arrowtown > was established in 1862, during the height of the Otago gold rush. Sits alongside the gold-bearing Arrow River, became famed as one of the richest source of alluvial gold. The settlement grew quickly as pioneers constructed cottages, shops, hotels and churches, many of which can still be seen today. With many coming from Europe, the Americas and Australia, the wide variety of trees planted in the district is now one of its great attractions and the seasonal changes, particularly in Autumn, add greatly to the landscape. Despite we were being there on Winter, the spectacular landscape was not inferior to Autumn's scene. The town has its distinct beauty in respective season.
Besides a special highlight is the < Chinese Settlement >at the edge of the river. Built by Chinese miners from 1868, this area of restored shelters and buildings paints a picture of earlier times. Life was hard, winters were cruel and gold was often elusive. I felt sorrow while seeing those narrow tiny huts of the chinese miners 
with the harsh reality of the goldfield life, knew seemingly they were invited but definitely unwelcome..

We reached <Arrowtown> early in the morning at 10am, it was merely taken approximately 20 minutes to get there from Queenstown where we stayed.

< Arrowtown > is named after the landform of the town which situated on the arrow end of the road. It's at the heart of Southern Lakes Ski Areas, a wide range of accommodation is available in < Arrowtown > or vicinity as Queenstown

Yes! We were about to reach our destination < Arrowtown >.

We were so fortunate to get the parking lot once we reached without encircling the town~ 

< Arrowtown > has an array of superb cafes and restaurants. 

The visitors can hire a gold pan (NZ $4) and produce your gold panning in the <Arrow River>, see if you are lucky enough to get any "color" from the river..^^

Haha..funny pose~

<Fox's Bar> sounds so "Cowboy"...

< Lake District Museum > is a great place to catch up on the town's extensive history where has many displays pertaining to the pioneering past of the district. The original part of the building was built in 1875 as Bank of New Zealand, and donated to the Museum in 1955. Perhaps we were too early, the Museum was closed for operating at the time while we were thinking to get some informations or mapping of the town from there earlier.

Explored the historical town~ an example of living historic town which has strict preservation orders protect the originality of the town's historic buildings.

It was an awesome weather the day we went, cold but sunny~

Perhaps it was too early to have a mass of visitors coming to town.

The town has spectacular scenery, it was so peaceful, quiet and lovely.

Beautiful building~

Great weather with great scenery~

Lovely cottages~

< Mary MacKillop > in 1897

A beautiful church in < Arrowtown >, we were so blessed to be able to take a photo of this magnificent landscape with such beautiful and sacred structure on its land.
The entirely places were covered by a layer of snows..

I felt so peaceful and tranquil seeing the church...

Haha..This adorable boy was acting like a spoiled child while his mother was walking in front with a stroller and totally ignoring him. He is so cute~

A fairly dated post office in town~ It's lovely anyway.

Are we look as if being in a cowboy town back in 1862...?

This not-too-busy road occupied with two array of shops is the main street of < Arrowtown > which named < Buckingham Street >...haha..certainly not the Buckingham from England. It's the shopping street of the town where you will find shops are varied from original grocer store to gold shop and jade carving shop, clothing shop, souvenir shop and craft shop.

However I found out the selling price was a little bit higher than Queenstown. Therefore I didn't buy anything from the town but merely have some sort of refreshments as beverages and ice-cream ( Patagonie Chocolate Ice-cream ) in an intimate town cafe ( Arrow Cafe ).

The jade carving shop with various unique-designed jades. Too bad I'm not a jade lover..^^

Beautiful blue and clear sky was commonly seen in South Island, New Zealand everyday the entirely journey even if it was Wintertime. Love it so much.❤❤❤

The street is kinda short and small that we just took about 15 minutes to go through the entirely shopping. Therefore we were seeking around to get a fine cafe to sit down leisurely and have some refreshments.

Playing hide & seek?

Sat down and decided which cafe should we go, there are many indeed.

Lost cafe? I don't think I wanna be lost in there...hehe..Let's find another, Honey~

Right after had our refreshments in <Arrow Cafe>, I love the name, that's why it was chosen among many such as < Bonjour > and etc...owing to the location was not in France, or I would choose < Bonjour > in otherwise.....Did I ever tell you I love to have authentic foods or atmosphere everywhere I travel? <Arrow Cafe> should definitely my first choice while being in <Arrowtown>, it's lovely~

<Buckingham Green> is small lawn in the middle of Buckingham Street, Arrowtown.

There was some kids running around, couples sitting on the lawn and parents pulling the stroller walking through occasionally at <Buckingham Green>.

Haha..The telephone booth looks so "Chinese"...Perhaps it was related to the history of the town, since there were numerous Chinese miners coming for the gold-diggings back to 1862 and which resulted in the formation of < Chinese Settlement > in <Arrowtown>.


The Aspiring Arts & Culture Trust installed in April 7, 2003 of the "Reflection of the weathered metals of Arrowtown's gold mining and agricultural history".

The Aspiring Arts & Culture Trust installed in April 7, 2003 of the "Reflection of the weathered metals of Arrowtown's gold mining and agricultural history".

Heading to the < Chinese Settlement > which sits alongside the main street of the town.

The lawn was icy and slippery....Beware your steps~

Super sunny day, yet super cold weather...but it was the lovely climate I love the most~❤❤

We were heading to < Chinese Settlement > a walking distance from the main street.

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