Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fragrant Fresh Coffee @ Roadside China Town Bangkok

We were attracted by the fragrance of coffee while we were walking across the street @ China Town, Bangkok back in December 2011. An exotic odor assailing our nostrils right from a road-side stall which is small and inconspicuous. However the great smell of coffee from the stall was comparable with or even better than those high grade/ well known coffee sellers such as StarBucks or The Coffee Bean we used to go. The matter is the environment where the well known cafe absolutely has a better and cosy surroundings with unlimited network provided. Somehow this tiny and inconspicuous coffee stall is lovable to me while the weather was great ( cool and dry during December ), so I was willing to take my seat alongside the stall waited for our coffee to be done. And sorry I wouldn't do that as if the weather was like my country ( hot and humid which causes my body so sticky ). 

The < Fresh Coffee > stall is located @ the roadside of the main road- Yaowarat Road of China Town Bangkok. (Bottom) This was the road sign I found which merely few steps away from the stall where the yummy-licious Kuay Teow Moo ( Click Here ) located.

This is the menu of the beverages...Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha which you can either choose hot, ice or blend....whereas Black Tea, Milk Tea, Green Tea (Milk), Celon Tea, Cocoa and Ovaltine which to be pick either ice or blend. The prices are reasonable as well.

The makings of varied beverages...

After again and again thinking what to order ( Basically I'm not a coffee lover but I wished I could taste each and everyone of them anyway ), at the end I just ordered < Blended Cappuccino> ( THB 40 ) and my honey has ordered < Hot Cappuccino > ( THB 35 ). ^^

The machines they use are kinda professional...

I love seeing the way they were making the coffee while sitting there and waiting for our cappuccinos to be done ( fortunately the weather was cool & dry enough for me to get rid of being sweating and sticky )...In fact I know nothing about making coffee, all I know is making a cup of coffee from 3 in 1instant coffee pack...Haha..shame thing...

Step by step making the coffees and teas for their customers orderly. In fact the stream of customers of the stall was pretty great at that time ( lunch hour ), every customer would probably at least buy 2 or 3 cups of coffees or teas. Since there was no table to be seated ( just a few chairs mostly for customers awaiting the orders ), the beverages we order are gonna take away. 

Finally I've got mine~ < Blended Cappuccino >....Mmmmm...It's so smooth, so aromatic and so refreshing...The creamy foam, the crushed ices, the coffee, the sweetness of the milk...every detail is perfectly match to each other. ( despite I am not coffee enthusiast ) ^^

This is my honey's < Hot Cappuccino >, my honey loves it very much...It's smooth and fragrant...Somehow I love my < Blended Cappuccino > better..haha...


Fragrant, low in price yet 5 stars quality coffee @ roadside stall...It was unbelievable...

If you want to take some time savory your coffee @ the chairs instead of leaving, you are definitely allowed to do so, the boss is not going to urge you anyway. ^^

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