Friday, 30 March 2012

Meet The Celebrities In Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

< Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hong Kong > is located at The Peak Tower on Hong Kong Island. It was the first permanent outlet in Asia to cater to a huge demand of its proximity Asian markets. And it also the first time I visited to < Madame Tussauds Wax Museum > prior my visit to < Madame Tussauds > in London many years after. 

The Peak 太平山  officially called Victoria Peak ( also known as Mount Austin ) is the second highest mountain in Hong Kong right after Tai Mo Shan. Apart from its land occupied by overwhelming high-value residential, it's a major tourist attraction offers a stunning view over Central, Victoria Harbour and the surrounding Hong Kong Island especially at night which brings it to become one of the world famous nights capes as well. It was freezing due to cold gales at night during the time we went in Autumn many years back.

Bruce Lee is the leading wax figure stands at the entrance of < Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hong Kong >.

Kelly tall...or I'm too short :P

Jay Chow's figure looks kinda vary from his actual look..apparently~

Mmmm...Cecelia Cheung basically is much more prettier than this figure huh :P

Elvis Presley...rock n roll~

Mmmm...Can anyone tell me who's she? She doesn't seem like any actress I used to know...

Leo Ku...looks so fierce..haha..

The deceased actor/singer- Leslie Cheung...He looks vivid and lifelike~

Michelle Yeung..

Wow! The Royal Family..What a pleasure~

Oh my God! The handsome James Bond- Pierce Brosnan..I've longing to hug him..haha..

Leon Lai, can you give me a ride?

What is his name again? Sorry, I'm not a big fan of Korean movies, all I know is he was the lead in a Korean TV series called "Winter Sonata"..

Andy Lau is the only wax figure has installed an artificial heart with heart-beating as well...incredible~

Wow! I could hear his heartbeat distinctly, totally imitate to perfection~

Another deceased actress/singer- Anita Mui..What a beautiful legs..

Haha..Did I tell you I don't like sport as well as football but I do like David Beckham? He's cute~

His name is.....??? Did I tell you I don't like sport? :P

I know him owing to his name- Tiger Wood is more likely to be bear in mind....


Michael Jackson...The legend~

Tina Turner & Freddie Mercury from < Queen >...

Teresa Teng- The famous deceased singer back in decades, my late mum liked her very much. Guess she is the legend at heart of many parents in Asia too..

Miriam Yeung ...

The legendary beauty/ film star in the Fifties- Elizabeth Taylor....

Lee Kuan Yew- The first Prime Minister of Singapore..

The former Presidents of America...

My honey was captured in an antique frame with a team of ancient figures...I have no idea who they are..


Aaaaa....Did I tell you I don't familiar with political either? 

This old man looks amiable...

You may purchase your photos taken by the crew at the exit. In fact there are some figures in the wax museum can't be simply taking photographs with your own camera for instance, Jacky Chan, you may need to pay for taking the photo with him ^^

Add:  101 Peak Road, The Peak Hong Kong 

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