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Resaurant Lu Yeh Yen, Alternative Shrine 露夜园海鲜酒家, 也是寺庙

How could you tell from the facade of this structure? Precisely, many would say it's a shrine or temple. Will anyone say it's a restaurant? If yes the answer, that's none of them a mistake...It's restaurant and yet the temple as well. Sounds weird? In fact I love the atmosphere of having dinner in there. Since the restaurant opens in the evening and crisscross with the closing hour of the shrine, therefore you needless to worry of degenerating into smokes and feeling suffocated caused by incenses.

The surface is so clean and vast...Free from various bits and bobs, as well as rubbish..Love it ^^

The entrance of the shrine which connected to the restaurant as well..

They have had their refurbishment of the shrine by the restaurant owner before long, hence there is closely interrelated between the shrine and the restaurant.

Beautiful decoration and chinese dictions of the shrine~

The main entrance of the < Restaurant Lu Yeh Yen 露夜园海鲜酒家 > next door to the shrine.

Indoor diners...

Viewing opposite the road~

We prefer outdoor dining which is at the hall in front of the shrine instead of stuffy indoor, greater atmosphere with fresh air..It's getting dark very soon, hence no worry for being leave out in the sun and heated.

Extremely clean floor shine, spacious and empty atmosphere...I love it~

Feel the meditation of the shrine...It totally didn't seem to be fumigated or any tremendous mess like any other shrines or temples we used to go, guess it owing to evening period and the shrine was going to be closed.

< 保安宫 > The name of the shrine.

Typical Chinese stone lion in every shrine or temple as a statue of a religion believing ages and ages.

The temple and restaurant just a few steps away from < Renaissance Hotel Melaka > ( the white color building at the rear in the photo ) and many other hotels. 

Not many diners but merely the few of us since it was still early ( It was approximately 6.30pm ).

There were 2 or 3 tables covered with red cloths have been reserved by someone else. They would be coming later.

Started our orders...

The prices for most of the dishes ( they served small, medium or large ) are not costly unless the crab, the price doesn't show on the menu but depends on the quantity of your order according to the total measure and price level. In fact we had ordered more than enough that we couldn't even finish them, and it costed us Rm 109.00 for the mere crab, it was too costly and huge portion for two of us. We should order a little bit less in order to be able to finish them.

The prices are not expensive as you thought~

Thinking what to eat~

Crockery is served~

Some snacks are served before the dishes~

< Chinese Tea Ice > one of my favorite drink to quench my thirst in this hot and humid weather~

Awaiting our dishes to be served~

< Fried Vegetables With Lard And Garlic 油菜 > Rm 5.00, the vegetables so fresh, crunchy and fragrant with its lard & garlic aromas.

A big bowl of rice~

< Thailand Chicken 泰京鸡 > Rm 9.00, recommended by the restaurant assistant..It tasted sweet and sour, slightly similar with the Lemon Chicken, but I like this better, it's more spicy and aromatic with the smell of onions ( even though I don't really font of onion, but it totally increases the special taste of the dishes ), it worths to try.

Crispy skin but juicy meat~yumyum!

< Dried Prawns Baked Crabs With Curry Leaf  干香焗蟹 > Rm 109.00, taste great but a little bit too much and costly for 2 persons ( we should order lesser ). It was too much that me and my honey couldn't even finish, but we did wrap them up bringing home and reheat in the oven the next day, and tasted incredibly fragrant and delicious despite of it was merely a leftover of a day before.

In spite of being baked with curry leaf, dried prawn and sauces to have it cooked, the inner meat still has very juicy texture instead of being too dried. Perfect!

Yumyum! Started having our dinner~

Use the "Weapon" prepared by the restaurant to crush the crab shell~ 

Giant claw...The easiest part to eat of and has plumpest meat among all parts, hence my honey always leave them to me, he kinda thoughtful always~❤❤

Finger licking good~

Huge claw~yumyum!

Ended up with Rm 125/ 2 pax..

It was totally dark when we had finished our dinner then~

The diners were getting more and more during night~

The open air dinning area has even better atmosphere during night time. Packed with diners and yet peaceful and clean.

Beautiful facade during night with its soft lighting illuminating the surroundings. 

We've got the name card from them in order to make reservation for some events then.

 Restaurant Lu Yeh Yen 露夜园海鲜酒家
154-A Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Malacca, Malaysia.
Tel: 06-2817282 ( Office ), 06-2833535 ( Restaurant )
       012-6017282 ( H/P )


  1. You and your honey are so matching ! Thanks for the tips. I am going to Malacca in early July. Doing my home work now.

  2. Thank you my dear for liking my post, wondering should I call you, sir or madam?
    Anyway hope you enjoy your coming trip in Malacca to the max, have great fun with your love ones, as well as taste out all the yummy-licious authentic foods in Malacca.
    Thank you once again for supporting my blog. Kindly following my blog as for more greater posts are coming up next. Please do not hesitate to give a comment, suggestion on my posts or information of anything newly, great foods, great places in town ya. Hope to hear from you in future. ^^

    Carol. ^^

  3. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your reply. I will email you.




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