Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tanjung Mee Goreng @ Malacca 马六甲辣椒炒面

<Tanjung Mee Goreng> is located at Jalan Pulau Gadong, Malacca..Surely many would be curious by its name, why Tanjung? As a matter of fact, the business was started at Tanjung district, Malacca since decades, and they have moved to Pulau Gadong years ago. I love their mee goring for no other reasons but its spicy taste, it simply the spicy mee goreng taste of my late mum, and I miss it so much.

It has an ordinary outward appearance named <Soon Hin 顺兴茶餐室> like most of the kopitiams ( coffee shops ) we find commonly in Malaysia.

We basically go and dine in on weekend ( mostly Saturday ) lunch time before movies, and there was generally packed with diners, in fact the tables available are rare owing to limited space. Somehow there always has the vacant for us ^^

Yeah...The mee goreng we request with extra spicy has served...Look at the color, as you can imagine how spicy it is..It's so savory and mouth drooling..

My honey loves adding vinegar to the mee goreng, the sour texture is appetizing even more, besides it also decreasing the spices from what I have experienced. Therefore I rarely to add vinegar on my mee goreng, in fact my honey is likely feeble in having spice foods.

My honey add a poached egg on top..

Apart from mee goreng ( fried noodle ), they have even more choices on their menu such as kuay teow and bee hoon ( rice vermicelli ) in fried, chili, Hokkein-fried, curry, soup, tom yam...and various noodles and rices. 

 Tanjung Mee Goreng Soon Hin 顺兴茶餐室
Jalan Pulau Gadong 75250 Malacca Malaysia.
( Turns down from Malim junction heading toward Tanjung, and it's on the left-hand side at Pulau Gadong main road )

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