Monday, 23 April 2012

Bangkok China Town Relish Kuay Teow Moo

Khet Samphanthawhong ( Bangkok Chinatown ) is quite famous with various Chinese cuisines as well as Thai foods, or somewhat integrates both into one. You will quite easy to find something good and special along the Yaowarat Road ( located in the center of Chinatown ), such as the simple but special Fragrant Fresh Coffee stall ( Click Here ) I found right on the roadside. Besides I had found another unadorned restaurant where patronized by overwhelming local people. As I used to say, I love anything authentic wherever I go, thus everything fond by the locals, it's so called authentic to me. In fact we came here for 林真香 ( Click Here )  due to we weren't have enough of this yummy snack from Chinatown, thereby we returned to Khet Samphanthawhong ( Bangkok Chinatown ) for it before leaving to hometown. In such occasion we were able to taste the Fragrant Fresh Coffee stall ( Click Here ) and this yummy-licious < Pork Kuay Teow Soup > & < Deep-Fried Crispy Skin Pork > as what I'm gonna recommend in this post.

The restaurant is right next to this road sign.

The restaurant serve variety of pork dishes such as Roasted Pork, Pork Ribs Rice, Pig Trotters Rice, Kuay Teow Moo ( Pork Kuay Teow Soup ),  Pig Blood Soup, Stewed Soup and all you can named it...

The diners started increasing during lunch hour...overwhelming the local people except us ^^

So many dishes you may choose...

All about pork....

Mmmm...It looks relish and mouth drooling when you are hungry, so am I...

Various soup of all distinct part from pig...

Almost full house..

All the tables & chairs used in the restaurant are somewhat stainless steel's material, thus the entire space looks clean, orderly & bright regardless of the rather simple designed of the restaurant.

Variety of rice....

The menu looks simple but the dishes are quite enough for choices...

Various condiments are prepared for all different kind of dishes, soups as well as rices.

Our < Kuay Teow Moo ( Pork Kuay Teow Soup) > ( THB 40 ) were served...Oppss, forgot to request for no viscera but solely meat :-(

The kuay teow is so tender but yet has quite chewable texture. Apart from that it has different shape with others, which it made in flat thin piece in square and rolls in strips when served. I love its texture pretty much, unlike some kuay teow are quite thick and has somewhat flour paste texture in spite of it's cooked.

< Deep Fried Crispy Skin Pork 酥肉 > ( THB 50 )

It tastes good, the pork skin is so crispy but not as hard as what I used to eat in my hometown. This has a considerably thin & crispy skin texture, but lesser salty in taste, unlike most of what I eat in Malaysia which is quite salty, and thicker yet harder skin.

I'm gonna start my lunch~

Took out the viscera and gave to my honey..I don't eat all those parts of pig, chicken or whatsoever...

Haha..My honey has added too much chili powder...He was flaming and going to perspire profusely~Pity honey~:P

Khet Samphanthawhong ( Bangkok Chinatown )
Yaowarat Road

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