Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Heavenly Villa Nalinnadda Koh Samui

17th March 2012 was me and my honey's 10th Anniversary. My honey had planned to bring me to somewhere abroad for celebrating our Anniversary. I still can recall clearly we went to Phuket Island for our honeymoon 10 years back, and it was my very first time accessed to airplane. Time flies, we back to Thailand once again for our honeymoon 10 years later, simply another beautiful island of Thailand- Koh Samui

Villa Nalinnadda Koh Samui > was one of the hotel/villa we had surveyed for almost 1 month from variant source of websites such as Agoda, Hotel.com....After a very long time discussion among us and survey comparing each and every detail form locations, attractions, guest reviews, rates, prices, most importantly what actually we want was a romantic escape, we eventually determined to stay at Villa Nalinnadda Koh Samui > located at rather isolated beach at Lamai for first 2 nights, for celebrating our Anniversary where we could totally immerse in sort of idyllic, romantic, peaceful, beautiful sea view, private jacuzzi, cozy atmosphere before we stayed another a couple of nights at Chaweng Beach which famed with its splendid nightlife entertainments and beachside parties.  

Beautiful boutique formed villa with sole white in color, no garish but I love it. It looks stylish, fantastic & luxurious in white...And we were always waited on by the happy staffs who are friendly, attentive and thoughtful.

Villa Nalinnadda Koh Samui > is definitely a idyllic place for couples who wanna enjoy their peaceful, romantic and cozy atmosphere with stunning 180'degree sea view from room. They provide not even more than 8 rooms for guests. Therefore we could barely meet up with the other guests regardless of any nook or corner ( beach, pool, restaurant or lobby ) in the villa in anytime. Seemed like we had owned the villa for the honeymoon. 

Stunning sea, beach & pool in front of the villa~

Our room is on the top floor of the bungalow behind me, which has 180'degree sea vista and a private heart shaped jacuzzi at our balcony..Love it so much...

Thank you honey~

This is the dog of the villa, named Pinnocchio...a definitely sea-lover dog who always get wet in the sea..

Lovely weather in the lovely morning....

Haha..Pinnocchio who loves swim in the sea and wandering around the entire villa, also loves inviting the villa guests to go into the sea either..Now he's barking toward these room guests to follow him to the sea...He would keep barking until you go to sea..Haha..lovely dog.

Yeah! He has succeed to bring them into the sea...

Lovely morning, lovely weather, lovely atmosphere, lovely sea view, lovely pool, and with the lovely person besides you...What a blessed life I have, thanks God to let me having this....

Let get wet~

Nice pool~


Cool pose~

Haha..Swim like an athlete..pretending I am...

Keep acting...  :P

Pool, ocean and sky are seem like reaching to one another....

Are you calling me?

So leisurely passing our time~

My honey says to me, " Honey, go and cover your body with the towel before you get cold, and the sun is scorching, you will get sunburnt either. "... ^^

Another athlete in the villa..haha..

Wow! I love the place, Honey~

I'm swimming toward the ocean...

Do you like my pose?

Mmmm...I was completely immersed in such stunning atmosphere, look at those breathtaking sea vista in front of me, the ocean seems like within a touchable distance from me while immersing my body in a rather cold pool water...

Feel so idle....don't you feel the way I feel?

Crystal clear pool water as well as the ocean~

Definitely sun-bathing...prepared to get tanned @@

My honey looks so idle too being in this leisurely place~

Breathtaking view~

Numerous boats berth at the seaside....

Breathtaking view...


Honey, why you look so curious?

They are just the other guest of the villa, they went for their sun-bathing every morning until noon during the scorching sun. Not surprising that they have a very beautiful tanned skin color. 


The sun beds are situated by the pool and facing the sea. Despite there are merely 6-7 beds of them, they are always un-fully occupied regardless of any time, since the room guests are not many and the pool is open 24hours for room guests, therefore we can swim or sit by the pool anytime of the day and not be bothered by masses of tourists like many other hotels.

It looks heavenly peaceful, doesn't it?

One of the three bungalows of the villa..Simply another room type differ to ours whereas our room has the most beautiful viewing which was used for the Agoda.com hotel booking website's photo for < Villa Nalinnadda > as well. What a pleasure we've got the perfect room for our honeymoon. Nevertheless every room is guaranteed with a stunning sea view regardless.

Just couldn't stop taking photos in such atmosphere...

Beautiful villa with beautiful pool...as well as the person in the photo..

What is Pinnocchio looking at?

My Honey says, "Pinnocchio! Wait for me!"...

Perfect heavenly getaway place~

Omg! I'm getting tanned.!

Pinnocchio is barking toward the ladies again, to invite them to sea...He simply couldn't see them get out from the sea..haha. what a dominant doggie.

I simply couldn't open my eyes exposing to the scorching sun...

I love the atmosphere regardless....

Stared at the pool...


The sun shinning day...to the max!

Heading back to room for shower...

An open-shower place at balcony of room..Beware of the peeping tom :P

Villa Nalinnadda Koh Samui
399/1-4 Moo1, Maret, Lamai, Samui, Thailand 84320 
Tel:         +66 77 233 131
Hotline:  +66 89 472 9889
Fax:        +66 77 233 130

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