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Hiking To The World Most Accessible Glacier- Fox Glacier

When we arrived at < Fox Glacier > we immediately felt relaxed in its intimate, village atmosphere. It has a stunning outlook across surrounding farms and offers breathtaking views of New Zealand’s highest peaks Aoraki (Mt Cook) and Mt Tasman. Tucked discreetly into the rainforest-clad foothills of the Southern Alps, the town was founded when gold was discovered. It is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world. During the last ice-age, its ice reached beyond the present coastline, and the glacier left behind many moraines during its retreat. A ‘must do’ at  < Fox Glacier > is a visit to < Lake Matheson (Click Here) >, a five minute drive west of the township. This famous reflective lake is a photographers dream, as its crystal waters create a mirror image of New Zealand’s highest peaks, Aoraki (Mt Cook) and Mt Tasman.The track encircles the lake, through native rainforest, and it takes approximately one hour to walk the entire lake circuit. Apart from that, glacier walk & heli-hikes are one of the most popular activities for tourists from all over the world exploring < Fox Glacier > township. 

Preparing for our "Light & Easy" hiking to the world famous glacier- < Fox Glacier >, we even likely to enjoy the magnificent view of Southern Alps ( Mt Cook & Mt Tasman ) from our hotel room. Can you see what I've got as my backdrop? Stunning scene~

Our hotel < Heartland Hotel Fox Glacier >..It's a historic hotel opened in 1928 and restored in 2007 with the mighty Southern Alps ( Mt Cook & Mt Tasman ) as its backdrop, offer a fantastic rural and mountain view. Despite it's old, the room still cosy and lovely. Apart from that, the breakfast is great and the staffs are friendly and attentive. It looks lovely & isolated, doesn't it?

Fabulous weather in the morning..Go! Go! Go! We were going to start our hiking journey to < Fox Glacier > right after our breakfast. Full of excitement. Look at the spectacular view of the mighty Southern Alps ( Mt Cook & Mt Tasman ) at our backdrop, they look stunning~

Heading Fox Glacier ( Access ).

The path is quite narrow...We were getting close...

And the temperature was getting lower when we closer to the glacier.

Stopped a while for some photographs. In fact we were not allowed to stop our car in the middle of the passage to glacier, to avoid some unexpected incidents happen such as avalanche.

Hooray! I was so exciting!

Study before get through...

Study and obey all the danger signs, for your own safety...

Study everyday update from the expert ranger, don't be mischievous, you would never know how dangerous it could be and how many peoples were killed due to river surge, ice fall, rock fall and flooding.

Book your < Fox Glacier Adventures > at the township of < Fox Glacier > beforehand if you want a half day or full day guided hiking tour, or you are forbidden to enter the glacier by your own otherwise without any expert guided. Visitors might most probably killed if insist entering by themselves without an expert study on the terrain of glacier, guided nor experience. Therefore me and my honey were not entering the glacier, but hiking to the viewpoint of the glacier, and taking some photographs and return. We better listen to the advise, don't be stubborn or take your own risk.

Here we go!

No stopping when get through the passage, yet we stopped for some photographs..:P

Still got a long way to go, seem so near yet so far...

We better hurry up before the streams rise, cuz the path we went through was an open riverbed exposed to the weather where exactly the streams would be rised rapidly without warning and cause the river surge, and the view point for the day we went was 200 metres from glacier and the walking time was 1hour return, hence we were walking in stand-off with the heart thumps wildly.

Wow! Look at the glacier, Honey...We seem to be close, yet so far...

My honey looks so curious...^^

Warning! No Stopping!

Still a long way to go, exhausted~

If you think the mountainous are tiny, you are totally wrong...just look at the following photo, and you will know how tiny we are...

Can you see a few dots in the middle of the picture? That was other visitors who behind on us, in fact we have been walking an extremely long path distance..

Exhausted! We decided to stop for a while at somewhat safety area. And look backward that the people behind us from a tiny, never thought we have gone through such a remote way from the beginning..fortunately the weather was cold and windy, or we were gonna perspire profusely otherwise..haha

"Peace On Earth" ^^

Visitors come and go incessantly...

Crossing the mountain stream, beware your footsteps..

The mountain stream has not dry completely, still wet..Everyone needs to step on the rock to passage the stream. I could likely imagine how the river surge look like when the streams rise, everyone can barely find a place to evade from it. We better be hurry :P

Yes, finally...We came to the nearest viewpoint of the glacier, no ones are advisable to enter any further to the glacier without expert guided and equipment. So be a good girl and good boy, stay still at where you are as instructed. The glacier looks spectacular and breathtaking, wonder how the Mother Nature creates an amazing world and also how the humankind constantly damage the natural world, thereby all this beautiful creations of God will be vanished soon in earth day after day. I was so glad that I still had the chance to see this amazing creation on earth before my eyes. 

The following video is let you know more about Fox Glacier and the half-day hiking guided tour to the glacier.

Despite we were exhausted and gasped for breath after a harsh distance ( to me and my honey who always avoid doing sports ), yet we immediately felt relaxed seeing this breathtaking scene before our eyes

Take a rest~

Set up the tripod for capturing this remarkable moment ( in spite of we were not entering to the glacier ) of both of us to witness this beautiful creation.

Yes! We were here in Winter 2011...

Another duo pose before the glacier, yeah!

Fantastic hiking...

Fresh and cold air surroundings....

Yeah! I did it!!!

Non Stop taking photos of every nook of the glacier from distant..

Love the atmosphere ❤❤

We were surrounded by an enormous mountainous ...we were tiny in this natural world...

Taking more and more photos...

Cool pose ❤❤❤

More poses....


We were returning from the glacier viewpoint using the same open riverbed path before surpassing the safely timing.

Come on, hurry up before the streams rise up and we might probably stuck in the track or killed in the river surge...Oppss, and beware your steps in the meanwhile.

My honey looks calm and steady...

It's definitely breathtaking~

Haha..I've found a heart-shaped rock, I'm gonna keep it..shhh..don't tell anyone ya :P

Can you see my heart-shaped rock from < Fox Glacier >? I have kept it as a souvenir, pls don't tell the NZ government, I might be charged by stealing the world environmentally property, haha.. Somehow I love it so much regardless of it has an icy cold touch.❤❤❤

Haha..My honey funny and arrogant expression...

I wish I can be hiking to the peak of the glacier in one day with my honey, and conquer the entire world ( perhaps I'm quite exaggerate :P )..Haha..

Fox Glacier 7886 New Zealand.

Heartland Hotel Fox Glacier
11 Cook Flat Road  Fox Glacier 7859, New Zealand
(03) 751 0839

For further info about Heartland Hotel Fox Glacier, kindly visit the link as below.

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