Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Favorite Movies- White Fang

< White Fang > is a 1991 American adventure film directed by Randal Kleiser, starring Ethan Hawke as "Jack Conroy" and Jed the wolf dog as "White Fang". Based on the novel <White Fang> by Jack London, it tell the story of the friendship between a Yukon gold hunter, Jack, who seeks for gold in the enormous and the snowy deserts of Alaska, and a grey wolf he rescues from the hands of a cruel man who mistreats him. "White Fang" is regularly refers to wolf or wolf dog who has the sharp, forceful and white fangs, or implied in other meaning within, which "White" means pure and honest while the word "Fang" means the long perforated tooth. This is definitely a meaningful story to read about as well as the movie. I was so touched and cried after watching the movie "White Fang". I just hope no matter it's a wolf or a dog or whatsoever animal, we as a humankind please try to be kind to all of them. Human needs love, and so do they especially dog variants regardless of what breed and how fierce they are. They can definitely feel it if you love them wholeheartedly, and a lifetime loyalty & good faith from them you will get as a return.

The following video gathers all the touching scenes, narratives the very special friendship between Jack and the grey wolf, White Fang.

White Fang is portrayed by a wolf dog named Jed, who also appeared in films as < The Thing > in 1982 and < The Journey Of Natty Gann > in 1985.

When Jack first meets White Fang, he has been domesticated by his first master, an Indian man, after his mother was killed by a hunter since he was a cub, his master treats him with harsh and shows no affection to him. He is nothing but a working tool. He's born wild, grows up fierce and unloved, constantly bullied by other dogs. Jack feels compassion for him, and tries to touches him to show his love to him, but Jack is immediate obstructs by the master to not showing any passion or love to the animal, somehow White Fang himself ain't feel any grateful to Jack of being compassionate to him, he's rather stays alone, keeps out from humans when not being ordered to do work, and looks into the distance.....

White Fang tries to protect Jack who is being attacked by a wild bear, he eventually successes to repel the wild bear.

 People always has discrimination on White Fang especially when he is brought by his master to the town, just because he's a wolf, even though he is tamed. However White Fang degenerates to be an illegal fighting dog, to fight other dogs when his Indian master sells him to a vicious man in town. The circumstance leaves him no choice, White Fang defeats all the opponents and becomes a cruel killer in order to defend himself to be killed by others, until a bulldog is brought in to fight him. The bulldog manages to beat White Fang down and throttle him. Jack shows up and rescues White Fang who's nearly suffocates and seriously injured, and brings him back to take an attentive care of him and give medical treatment on him until recovery. 

Jack attempts to be friend with White Fang and shows affection toward him, nonetheless human is never trustworthy to White Fang. He has never been treated as friend to human nor loved by human. However Jack unwilling to give-up on White Fang, ultimately after a long patient effort Jack succeeds to tame White Fang, and gains his trust and love. And a brave friendship develops between the two.

When a group of criminal wants to steal Jack's gold, White Fang is the only one who dash on bravely helping Jack to fight them off. The reliable and friendship between the man & the wolf gain even overwhelmingly.^^

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