Monday, 2 April 2012

My Favorite Movies

I love movies, especially Hollywood's movies, it's hardly find a bad movie somehow. I almost love all of them, guess I'm kinda likely to be pleased....Comedy, sentimental, thriller, animation, love story, crime, horror and all you can name it..Perhaps War film is the only sort of movie I dislike. I still can recall how I felt asleep while I was watching <Pearl Harbor> in the theater 10 years back :P
I simply can't recommend all movies I had watched, God knows I watch movies with my honey every weekend at least once, I'd like to watch them everyday if possible, or I would sit in my sofa and watch HBO, Star Movies, Max Cinema from Astro TV otherwise. Therefore in this page, I wanna share some movies and my reviews of them which are inspired, touched, heartwarming, moving and make me recall fondly.


  1. Girl, I cannot disagree with you there I love Hollywood films myself and am always awaiting the next big hit. I loved ‘The Road’ even though it did not get the highest ratings but usually the films I like do not. I am a frequent flier traveling on business for Dish regularly so I get to catch up on films far from home. I have a personal relationship with dishonline where I get on demand movies or even rentals of various genres that interest me to keep my mind occupied in my hotel at night. Your blog gave me the interest to see ‘i am sam’ again as it has been a long time so thank you.

  2. Many thanks for liking my blog, Sadie..Glad to hear you got the same passion for the movies as me. I also can't agree more as you said for awaiting the next big hit always, watching movie especially Hollywood film is a "Must Do" stuff & favorite thing on every weekend or holidays, I do enjoy the popcorn time in the theater anyway. ^^ Hope you will join my site & follow my blog as well, I'll keep going to blog as many great posts and share every good movie with friends who follow my blog in future, stay tuned..Thank you one again. Have a wonderful day~



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