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Never Get Drunk With XO Fish Head Bee Hun 吃不醉的XO鱼头米粉

Will you get drunk taking/drinking X.O? The answer is NO if you are referring to < Holland Village X.O Fish Head Bee Hun 荷兰村 X.O 鱼头米粉 > which I found in Chinatown, Singapore. It's sort of curious when I saw it named after Holland Village, whereas it's located in Smith Street ( Chinatown ). I didn't manage to inquire about it, perhaps primarily they do have a headquarter at Holland Village and this most probably is their branch, or it's relocated in Chinatown from Holland Village. But who cares, all I need to find out is simply the taste of the foods, which is more luring to me...

A kinda huge < X.O > signboard, can be easily spotted from a distant...

The restaurant looks simple and nostalgia, nice~

Is this sort of fish we gonna have in our X.O fish head bee hoon later?

Despite there are two shop lots occupied by the restaurant and even some tables set on the corridor outside the restaurant, yet there have no empty table by the time, entirely full house! 

Holland Village X.O Fish Head Bee Hoon, Singapore No 1...

Awaiting our dishes to be served, quite starving...

Chinese Tea Iced is my all time favorite when having chinese cuisine...

Finally, the signature dishes is served, < X.O Fish Head Bee Hun X.O 鱼肉米粉 > ( SG$ 7, 12, 15, 20 & 25 ), tastes great, the fish is thick and the texture is just perfectly nice ( not too hard nor too mushy ). The meat doesn't smell any fishy either, it completely absorbs the creamy & savory X.O soup. And the bee hoon ( rice vermicelli ) is quite chewable, not too mushy and overcooked as well. For those non alcoholic person as me, no worries, it doesn't taste any liquor nor get drunk having this dishes, but simply a slightly aroma of the X.O....You will gonna love it once you taste it!

My cousin has ordered fish meat instead of fish head, it would be much more easier to eat as well as more meats supplied for a kinda big group as us.

< Fried Chicken With Seasoning Sauce 虾酱鸡 > ( SG$ 8,10,12,15 & 20 ), strongly recommended by my cousin. Unbelievable I overwhelmingly fall in love with it once I tasted it. The chicken is completely marinaded by prawn paste, it taste incredibly crispy and mouthwatering. The prawn paste increases the dishes to be more savory, unexpectedly aromatic. It definitely worths to try. Thumbs up!

< Fried Pork Ribs 排骨王 > ( SG$ 10, 15, 20 & 25 ) tastes good, however it's quite common and ordinary. It's good but nothing special, you can have this dishes elsewhere and most probably will taste the same. It's tasty regardless.

< Sambal Kangkong 叁芭雍菜 > ( SG$ 6, 8 & 10 ), I would say this is the best sambal kangkong I've ever had. Everyone knows I'm a spicy lover, and this dishes taste exactly what I love. It's vey pungent and spicy in spite of it doesn't seem like, but it really does. Apart from that, the vegetable ( kangkong ) is fresh and crunchy to masticate. I love it either.

< Prawn Omelet 芙蓉蛋 > ( SG$ 8, 10 & 12 ), it's a very common dishes you can find anywhere regardless of a handful of big prawns in it. In fact the chef was quite generous, what a plentiful prawns come with the omelet. ^^

You may have a walk and shop for some souvenirs as well as try some authentic foods, pastry, drinks, dessert and everything you can name it, along the entire Smith Street ( Chinatown ) after dinner.

You can find numerous of exotic local foods and stuffs in Chinatown, it is one of the " Must visit " attractions in Singapore.

Take a slow walk and shop around in order to eliminate some calories..haha..

 The < Holland Village X.O Fish Head Bee Hun 荷兰村 X.O 鱼头米粉 > restaurant is in the vicinity within a walking distance whenever you find this road sign. 

You may park your vehicle in Chinatown Complex. 

Adress: 15/17 Smith Street, Singapore ( Chinatown )

Tel: +65 6227 3345

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 11.30 am – 2 pm, 5 pm – 10.30 pm
Sat/Sun and PH: 1pm – 10.30 pm

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