Friday, 6 April 2012

Sour Spice Mango Slice At Jatujak Bangkok

What kind of fruits you never gonna miss while being in Thailand. Apart from coconut & pineapple, mango is definitely one of the "Must try" fruit. Basically I'm not a mango lover, in fact I barely craving for mango while being in my hometown. Somehow I'm longing for Thailand mango, regardless of mango smoothie, mango juice, fresh cut mango...and many more. I suppose it's owing to the sauce they serve together with the mango in Thailand, and mango itself has even great special flavor compares to my country.

When I was in Bangkok back in December 2011, mango stalls could easily be spotted at anywhere, morning market, night market, roadside, most of the tourist attractions.... Today I'm gonna recommend one of them which I found in Jatujak Weekend Market. It was merely a simple roadside stall in the market, somehow I felt mouth drooling while looking at those thicky & dark colored sauce, chili powders as well as the raw fresh young mango ( looks sour ), which completely provoked my saliva gland in my tongue..

Without hesitate, we bought a bowl of mango slices...couldn't wait to taste..

I gotta admit I was a little bit too greedy, I added a hugely amount of chili powder which I thought would give me more spicy taste, and soon it was proven that I was totally wrong. The spicy taste didn't come from the spicy-like chili powder, contrariwise it was more like came from the sauce. The chili powder actually contains an enormous amount of salts, indeed the entire bowl of mango became too salty...Apart from that, it absolutely tastes great, fresh & crunchy mango slices, incredibly tasty sauce, a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, spicy and a little bit salty ( if you don't add too much chili powder which contains too much salts like me ). Simply bear in mind, don't be greedy as me, don't spoil the awesome fruits :P

Yumyum! As a matter of fact, it tasted real good except for the salty part. ^^

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