Monday, 9 April 2012

成都杨桃冰 Taipei Famous Starfruit Smoothie

< Chengdu Starfruit Smoothie 成都杨桃冰 > was established in 1966, the it's more than 50 years. As you can tell from the name, Starfruit Smoothie is one of their signature smoothies, apart from that, Pineapples Smoothie and Plum Smoothie are regularly ordered by customers. According to them every starfruit and plum has to be preserved for 3 months to evaluate its taste to be fully absorbed before it's good enough to be sold, contrariwise the pineapple has got to be fresh enough while simmer with their special secret-reciped plum. 

However we solely ordered the Starfruit Smoothie instead of three of them, owing to it has the higher fame than the other both. ^^

The shop was rather lack of space, it simply has a row of chairs with a long narrow table alongside. We were fortunate the customer was not so many during that time.

Wow!Chengdu Starfruit Smoothie 成都杨桃冰 > (NT$ 40), I have falling in love with it once I tasted. The pickled starfruit definitely fully absorbed the special-reciped plum flavor, sweet & sour taste matches perfectly with each other, in addition to that the crushed-ice increases the basic taste of the smoothie. Its taste rather great served in ice than hot, that's absolutely.

Despite the weather was pretty cold, we enjoyed our freezing < Starfruit Smoothie > to the max...yumyum!

My honey loves it too....

It's located at the no 6 Exit of Ximen MRT Station, its big and clear shop sign makes it eye-catching from far. One of the cooling refreshments you shouldn't have missed while you are being in Ximending, Taipei Taiwan.

Add: No. 3, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District  Taipei City, Taiwan 108 ( Ximen Station No 6 Exit )
Tel:  02-2381-0309

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