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Route To Milford Sound 10: Amazing Cruise On Milford Sound, New Zealand

Right after having our buffet lunch, when everyone has gone out from the cozy indoor seating exploring for more in Milford Sound, we certainly wouldn't wanna be falling behind. Exploring the entirely of Milford Sound was our major purpose after all.

One of the outdoor decks for viewing the magnificent scenery. I tried to equilibrium myself from wavering...Mmmm....Perhaps we might go to the open top deck for better sight of 360'degree vista of Milford Sound.

As I said, the open top deck has an imposing awesome vista with no obstacle before our eyes...Besides, the cold gales was absolutely freezing, my cheeks and nose were totally flushed & frozen by the bitterly cold wind. 

Acting cool~

Really enjoyed the moment and scenic view~

Yes! I believe I can this cold gales~ ( In fact, I believe I can get frozen...haha...)

My frozen-stiffed face could hardly show any facial expression...

Oh my God! My entire face has extremely redden by the cold wind, I was completely frostbite. >.<

I love the atmosphere being on the open top deck, in spite of the cold weather...Somehow I would always rather being in a cold climate than hot.

Never gonna stop taking photos in this atmosphere...

Despite it was somewhat cloudy and foggy, it still lovely regardless...( In fact there are only 80 days without rain or snow in Milford Sound ). 

Captivating heavenly Milford Sound....One of the < Eight Wonders In The World >.  We were lucky enough to get rid of snow and rain, however, the atmosphere was still pretty cloudy & misty, or we could see all the surrounding mountains & peaks clearly as well as reflected in a calm water during the perfect weather otherwise. 

Breathtaking & stunning view of Miltre Peak, we were however couldn't get the an unobstructed vista due to cloudy & foggy atmospheric condition :-(

Do we look like professional photographers? Haha...

 Can you spot the idle seals recline on the rock? Sorry for my camera couldn't capture any closer and clearer due to my mediocre zoom lens.. Apart from that, Milford Sound is a fjord home to dolphins, whales and the exotic fauna.

I was almost frozen, look at my cheeks and flushed due to frostbite~

Do I look cool~?

Looking backward....the view still fascinating...

Love the atmosphere~


Something was capturing my attention...

One of the numerous waterfalls in Milford Sound...

The name of the waterfall has been narrated during the cruise, however I was quite distracted by the time, and as a result I don't know the name of this somewhat tiny waterfall...

< Southern Discoveries Scenic Cruise >~

Stunning backdrop~

Our cruise was approaching to the Stirling Falls, you may stand on the bow of the cruise if you are prepared to get wet by the swirling mist and wind. In the otherwise you should evade yourself indoor o get rid of being wet like me and my honey, due to we have no clothing to exchange and bring no raincoat to wear.

In fact Milford Sound sports two permanent waterfalls all year round, Lady Bowen Falls And Stirling Falls. After heavy rain however, many hundred of temporary waterfalls can be seen running down the steep sided rock faces that line the fiord. They are fed by rain water drenched moss and will last a few days at most once the rain stops.

We were hiding indoor, thus didn't get wet in the waterfalls owing to the cold weather in winter and we have nothing left to change, or else I would rather take this rare opportunity to experience that, should be thrilling~

From a distance~ The waterfall looks tiny~


The cloud seems like floating on the top of my head...

I could touch the cloud~

"It's heavy..yeeeaaa!!!", my honey says~

< Lady Bowen Falls >...simply another permanent waterfalls of Milford Sound.

Approaching the dock eventually...time for returning home after 1hr45min amazing scenic cruise~

Yeah! I'm proud to be here~ One of < The Eight Wonders In The World >


Photo with the captain~ Thank you Captain, we had a very pleasant and wonderful cruise-sailing on Milford Sound. We had experienced a 4-5hours drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound and another 4-5hours in return. Weary but worth it. You shall experience of self-driving all the way in South Island New Zealand, in order to always be surprised & astonished by the breathtaking & captivating scenery on your path travelled, that would be something you never had by joining a mere tour and fetched by a coach. Trust me, you will never regret.

For more info of Southern Discoveries Scenic Cruise, please click the link below,

To Be Continued, Stay Tuned.....< Way Back To Queenstown >

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