Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beauty Tips: Rm 1.00 Great Sales Of Savee Skin Care & Cosmetic Products

"Rm 1.00 each item? Are you kidding me? Or it would be some sort of flaw stuffs?", all these questions came across my head when I saw the great sale of < Savee > in one the shopping center by coincidence a couple of weeks ago, the items include skin cares as facial masks, eye masks...& cosmetics as eyeshadows, nail polishes... Honestly I have never heard about this brand before, somehow the promotion is quite enough to lure me with their big, clear & sharp sign of "Rm 1.00 each item". In addition to the attractive of the sale costs, the origin of the product is the major thing I always concern of. The brand < Savee > is made in Singapore, it's quite convincing to me somehow, as long as it doesn't make or come from some sort of unknown country as well as some country lacking in virtue & moral. To me, product quality of Singapore is something to be guaranteed. Without prolong my hesitation, I rapidly joined in the mass grabbing for more before too late. I only spent Rm 33.00 for 33 items plus another 3 packs of Collagen cream as free gift.

Eye Mask ( Rm 1.00 each x 6 ), please feel free to click on < Savee Eye Mask > for more informations.

Facial Mask ( Rm 1.00 each x 18 ), please feel free to click on < The Face Inn Facial Mask > for more informations.

Nail Polish ( Rm 1.00 each x 3 )

Eyeshadow ( Rm 1.00 each x 6 )

< Savee Collagen Cream > was a giveaways with purchase. According to the sales promoter, this cream can be applied on any part of our body or face. And I've tried it and find that it's incredibly effective on my face, please feel free to click on < Savee Collagen Cream > for more informations on it.

For more information on Savee, click the link below,


  1. hi carol, i wanted to order stocks for my shop... how to go about it?


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