Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beauty Tips: Savee Collagen Cream

This < Savee Collagen Cream > was the giveaways while I bought < Savee Skin Cares & Cosmetics > during their Rm 1.00 each item promotion ( Click Here ). I was quite worry to attempt it at home, especially on my face. However I couldn't simply waste it or disregard it on account of it's a free gift. Therefore I try gradually on face to see what would happen next. In accordance with what I understand from the packaging label, it's for "Total Body Use", and the sales promoter told me that it even can be used on face. "Total Body Use" means face either? Nevertheless I tried it on face regardless, and praying for an unscathed result..haha..God knows I have an extremely sensitive skin and somewhat acne problems in certain circumstance as well, thus any irritating or pore clogging elements will cause rashes and acnes to my face right away. 

Every collagen free pack I got was quite enough for 4 to 5 days usage ( on face & neck, night & day, right after every daily skincare routine but before sunscreen ). It means I had used the collagen cream for nearly 3 weeks, and it works effectively ever since the next day of using it. My face growing and looking radiant on the next day I woke up, and it didn't even cause me any acne or rashes even with its quite creamy and greasy texture. I feel my skin becomes more smooth, moisture which reduces fine lines, and somehow I feel that I has more tighten pores. It has quite incredible effects by using just for a day. Despite it has a quite greasy texture, yet it doesn't cause an extreme uneasy sticky feeling for me. In fact I hate to be sticky, I always have my baby powder in my bag in order to keep me dry and clean. However the stickiness of this collagen cream is able to be tolerated for me.  ^^

I have bought myself < Savee Collagen Cream > ( Rm 19.90 ) due to the giveaway packs had finished eventually, apart from that I quite love the result of using it. As many knows Collagen is the element to prompt skin elasticity, as well as this < Savee Collagen Cream > it increases skin collagen to restore the skin elasticity as well. 

"Apply thoroughly after showering. Ideal for day & night. Total body use." However I use it twice a day, day & night solely on face. 

It has a creamy texture as body lotion. Greasy but not sticky.

For more informations on Savee, click the link below

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  1. hi .. just want to ask how can i avail this product if i'm here in Philippines ?



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