Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beauty Tips: Savee Eye Masks

I have bought < Savee Eye Mask > during the Rm 1.00 Promotion of Savee ( Click Here ) a couple of weeks ago. It has an excessive essences as < The Face Inn Facial Mask > either, that I can pour out from the pack to apply the rest of my face and neck after I've placed the eye mask under my both eyes ( I suppose this only can be done while using the < Anti-Wrinkles > range and not suitable for the other both < Anti-Eye Bag > & < Anti-Dark Circles >, owing to basically we do have wrinkles on the entire face but don't have dark circles & eye bag on the part of the face, right? ). 

< Savee Anti-Eye Bag Eye Mask >, I need it badly due to my eye bag does appear sometimes in the morning if I drink too much water the night before.

< Savee Anti-Wrinkles Eye Mask >, this is absolutely my major requirement. I love to laugh & smile, and those facial expressions did cause me some wrinkles problem on eye's areas. :-(

< Savee Anti-Dark Circles Eye Mask >, it simply perfect for those night owls always stay up late or all night to be on the internet or to blog like me..haha...Do you need this badly?

For more informations on Savee, click the link below

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