Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beauty Tips: The Face Inn Facial Masks- Savee

I have bought a pile of < The Face Inn Mask > during the Rm 1.00 Promotion of Savee ( Click Here ). And yes, you gotta believe it, every mask was only cost Rm 1.00. Variety of facial masks, every distinct kind of mask has its special feature and efficacy. Therefore I bought every single type of them particularly to ensure which has the optimum effect to me. I have tried most of it and has a kinda good result comparative with other same price rating brand facial masks. It has overwhelming excessive essences immersing the mask, which means in addition to apply the mask on my face, I still can even pour out the essences gradually from the pack and apply on my neck, hands, foots, thighs, knees, arms, elbows and every part of my body, in order to use up completely without waste a single drop of it. So it definitely value for money.

< The Face Inn- Almond Mask > (Rm 1.00) for moisturizing & hydrating.

< The Face Inn- Sesame Seed Mask > (Rm 1.00) for nourishing & anti-wrinkle

< The Face Inn- Orange Mask > (Rm1.00) for radiance & brightening.

< The Face Inn- Lemon Vit C Mask > (Rm1.00) for rejuvenating & brightening.

< The Face Inn- Grape Seed Mask > (Rm1.00) for moisturizing & anti-oxidant.

< The Face Inn- Wheat Germ Mask > (Rm1.00) for anti-oxidant & renewal.

< The Face Inn- Walnut Mask > (Rm1.00) for moisturizing & detoxifying.

< The Face Inn- Green Tea Mask > (Rm1.00) for radiance & anti-oxidant.

< The Face Inn- Avocado Mask > (Rm1.00) for moisturizing & hydrating.

< The Face Inn- Lavender Mask > (Rm1.00) for soothing & whitening.

< The Face Inn- Aloe Vera Mask > (Rm 1.00) for repairing & hydrating.

< The Face Inn- Rose Mask > (Rm1.00) for moisturizing & revitalizing.

For more informations on Savee, click the link below

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