Friday, 18 May 2012

Lovely Morning In Queenstown

< Queenstown > is a resort town as well as the third largest town in Otago in south-west of New Zealand's South Island. It's a centre known for an adventure tourism as skiing, jet boating, white water rafting, bungy jumping, mountain biking, skateboarding, tramping & fly fishing. It's so attracting & luring an overwhelming young international & New Zealand travelers alike. Therefore Queenstown has a reputation for being the "Adventure Capital Of The World". Apart form that, it's gaining popularity as a honeymoon destination. It's built around an inlet called Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu, a long Z-shaped lake formed by the glacial processes, and certainly with its spectacular views of vicinity mountains such as The Remarkables , Cecil Peak, Walter Peak and just above the town as Ben Lomond & Queenstown Hill. Despite there are various apocryphal accounts of how the town was named, the most folk suggesting that a local gold digger exclaimed that the town was "fit for Queen Victoria". Yes, I like that's simply like I'm the honored guest grandeur as the Queen Victoria welcomed to the town. 

Good morning, Queenstown...I was greeted by a spectacular vista of Queenstown right on our hotel's balcony early in the morning, before heading to Arrowtown ( Click Here ). Feeling so great ~

None stop taking photos, the scenery was amazing enough for me to take a pile of photos~


Yeah! My honey's vigor thoroughly restored seeing these captivating sights of Queenstown.

What a lovely morning, sunny & clear blue sky with an awesome cold weather...It would be a wonderful all day long~

< St Josephs Catholic Church >

St Josephs Catholic Church >

The imposing and unsullied < St Josephs Catholic Church > just locates at the rear of our hotel crossing the path. 

Lovely weather & lovely people~

Wonderful day~

The church looks so lovely~

Started our journey from the hotel heading Arrowtown....

Although Queenstown is always packed with tourists from all over the world, yet you can definitely feel the peaceful & secluded perception in any nook or corner in the most densely population lake district. I simply love the atmosphere.

Lovely township~

Adding a sufficient gas before started the journey to the vicinity town, Arrowtown.

Say "Cheese"~

Cleaning the windscreen, after all it's a gorgeous rental car~

I love all the New Zealand's signboards along the road, they are lovely and humorous as you can seen from my previous post < 5 Lovely Things In South Island Of New Zealand >......"Queenstown, Too Lovely To Litter", I love that...Therefore everyone please bear in mind, never ever litter in this lovely town when you are in Queenstown.

Yeah! We stopped at < Lake Hayes >, simply one of the numerous lakes in south-west of South Island, New Zealand, on the middle of our path travelled toward Arrowtown ( Click Here ).

We were entirely astonished & stopped by the amazing picturesque lake view in the middle of the journey, while we were heading to Arrowtown. The lake water was calm enough to reflect a stunning mirror surface~Awesome!

Magnificent vista~

Am I look like standing in front of a beautiful painting? My backdrop looks amazingly captivating and so unreal. Or am I being in Heaven now? However you may always amazed by same sort of picturesque scenic lakes & mountains anytime anywhere you just name it throughout the entire South Island, New Zealand. 

There are too many lakes in South Island, New Zealand were quite enough to name as "Mirror Lake"...

< Lake Hayes Showground >

I've have seen lots and variety of mailboxes are made creatively and lovely, as I mentioned in my previous post of < 5 Lovely Things In South Island Of New Zealand >.

Yeah! We were about to reach the destination, Arrowtown.



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