Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Returning Queenstown From Milford Sound

The Milford Road conditions always keep updating by the ranger on both ways ( Te Anau to Milford & Milford to Te Anau ) to ensure the road user's safety. The road condition on the day we went back from Milford to Te Anau as stated above "Open- Ice/Grit- Avalanche Hazard Low". Thanks God~

Sceneries along the path traveled on our way back still stunning as the coming journey a couple of hours earlier.

Get through the < Homer Tunnel > once more when returning to Queenstown.

Exiting the < Homer Tunnel >

Avalanche Area, No Stopping!


"Caution! Black Ice! Slow Down!"

Every scene was simply delightful~

We were simply entering a different kind of vision perception, we were constantly astonished by the vary vista on the entire journey.

Can you see what I see? Can you feel what I feel? The moments I was taking these pictures, I either have a weird feeling & illusion, that the snow-capped undulating mountains from a distance were simply like a wallpaper, encircling the entire route as far as the eyes could see while we were driving, seemed like so unreal & illusory, regardless of the colors or contrasts ( in light blue-gray color ) were totally differ from the dark yellow green-colored land before our eyes. There were literally no words to describe and captured by neither of my cameras the landscape I was facing with during the evening on the returning journey. 

Drove through one of the numerous township.

Yeah! Finally my honey let me to drive..I love to drive in New Zealand South Island, magnificent scenery, straight & fine road, great cold weather, and a powerful rental car we were given. However my honey kept refusing me to drive, I suppose it's due to I am a fast-driver get used to speedy unrestrictedly most of the time...^^

Mmmm....It was quite annoying that my honey was so wordy, and continuously reminded me " Slow down, you are speedy....Look out, don't be excessing 100km/h...Slow down, the surface is slippery...bla bla bla....". I couldn't even drive any faster till then, I eventually surrendered the driver seat to him, and he was so happy and heaved a sigh of relief. 

Yeah! And you know what happened next? " Honey, you should watch the road and drive carefully, don't be distracted, don't look at my camera nor give any gesture, you should hold on tight to your steering wheel with your both hands..bla bla bla...", my honey says. 

"Ok ok...I gaze steadily the front, are you happy now?", I says...

Yes! We were almost reach our hotel in Queenstown ultimately, after a 4-5hours long-distance self-drove from Milford Sound. Despite it was exhausted and tiring, we enjoyed every second every spot together on our journey, it's sweet & memorable. < Route To Milford Sound >, kind of an unforgettable & remarkable experience after all. Henceforth it has lots of memories worths to talk about between me & my honey.

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