Friday, 4 May 2012

Route To Milford Sound 9: Exotic Buffet Lunch On Cruise

We on board~

We've managed to get the seat next to the large viewing window in order to get the spectacular vista of Milford Sound, while enjoying our exotic buffet lunch. 

A sufficient cosy indoor seating are provided, you may enjoy your lunch or refreshment as well as relaxing at indoor seating instead of open top deck or other outdoor decks. The overwhelming passengers nevertheless will choose an open top deck for 360'degree viewing than seating indoor, despite the weather was freezing.

Wow! Plentiful of buffet dishes were served, the entire of them looked yummy-licious as well..However despite it was a buffet lunch, it has the limit where we simply have one plate one go for taking the foods, we are allowed to take as many as you can in one dish with condition solely one time, no repeat taking the foods regardless, or you may choose the other buffet package otherwise for no limitation like any other regular buffet we had elsewhere. 

Despite it's a buffet, yet they ain't tolerable of making the dishes, the foods incredibly great regardless of color, taste, freshness and fragrance...Mmmm...Couldn't wait to taste it!

Ready to savor our lunch, starving~

Look at my plate, I have had myself a plentiful of foods in my dish...Don't misinterpret me as being greedy, in fact everyone was doing the same thing as us due to the restriction of one plate one go. ^^

Apart from that, everyone has a cup of ice-cream and one Kiwifruit. 

A cute tiny container for soy was prepared particularly for Japanese tourist, who loves adding soy sauce regardless of any dishes.

Are you ready?

Say "Cheese"!

Mmmm...All the dishes were great and yummy, an awesome lunch with a spectacular scenery of Milford Sound through the window. Wonderful cruise~

I was too busy with my foods, don't interrupt me! ^^

< Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream > was perfectly yummy, creamy and tasty, I wasn't quite enough to have solely one cup. May I have one more please? Haha...


I love Kiwifruit fresh from New Zealand...

The coffee or beverages are served free. My honey loves to have a cup of coffee after meal, he absolutely sated with the foods.

Love the atmosphere, feeling idle and being great mood....I felt extremely stuffed to the gills, what a satisfaction~bruppp...

Hey! Wakeup, honey! Don't take a nap after meal, especially on the cruise. Everyone else has gone to take a fresh cool air on the open top deck, to enjoy the magnificent 360' degree vista of Milford Sound. We better hurry up, to get rid of falling behind and missing every single amazing scene. 

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