Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sense The High Altitude Of Skyline Gondola, Queenstown

< Skyline Queenstown > sits high above Queenstown on Bob's Peak is reached by the gondola cableway, merely need an easy 5 minutes walk from the Central Queenstown. It offers an abundance of entertainments & adventures satisfactory for the whole family, such as Gondola, Luge ( Click Here ), Haka shows, Mountain-biking, Restaurant & Bar, which appeals to young & old alike....It's one of the must go attractions during your visit in Queenstown, New Zealand. In addition to the amusing games, < Skyline > either offers an unobstructed distinctive stunning & spectacular panoramic view over the marvelous Queenstown & The Remarkable from the skyline gondola as well as from the peak. Everyone will absolutely has heaps of fun indeed. 

We were heading to < Skyline > the neighboring high altitude amusement complex in Queenstown, which was very closed to our hotel. The weather was perfectly great with sunny blue sky and cold atmosphere. In fact we were right after came back from < Arrowtown >, and < Skyline > would be our next destination in our schedule of the day. 

We were about to reach...Man Street...

Has parked the vehicle as well....

Parking duration...

There was a cemetery alongside the street right in front of the < Skyline >. The graveyard looks so clean, secluded & beautiful with its magnificent surroundings. 

Despite I wish I could see Kiwi in live, however we were lacking of time...perhaps I am able to meet with Kiwi on my next visit to New Zealand.

Awesome sunny blue sky, yet cold climate~

< Kiwi & Birdlife Park > merely a few steps away from < Skyline >, for those who has sufficient time in Queenstown should come & visit it...

Please follow the Kiwi's foot prints to the main building to purchase tickets...However we didn't follow them, our destination ain't < Kiwi & Birdlife Park > but < Skyline >...

Oucchh!!! The chameleon is biting me!!!

Huge chameleon sticks on the roof of the car...Scary~

Nice cold weather was great enough for us riding the gondola & Luge ( Click Here ) at < Skyline Queenstown >

Here we go....

Skyline gondolas as my honey's backdrop...

The informations of the < Skyline > ticketing, simply choose your preference. Me and my honey had choose the < Skyline Luge > which includes return gondola & 1 Luge ride ( NZ$ 33 ). ( p/s: they have two track of Luge, Scenic track or Advanced track. )

The Operating hour, study before purchase...or you may lose your opportunity or waste your ticket for not able entering certain activities otherwise. 

Yeah! My honey has bought the ticket, and we gonna check-in straight away...

Waiting for our turn to ride the skyline gondola...In fact there were no ones else but merely both of us, hence the coming up gondola would be ours for sure...

I'm kinda keyed up...In fact I'm acrophobia >.<

We were getting higher & higher...

Despite the viewing was great enough to amaze me, I still couldn't help to be really frightened much of the high altitude of the < Skyline Gondola >.

Spectacular vista of Queenstown from the < Skyline Gondola >..Amazing~


Did I look nervous? Yes, I really did..I'm definitely an acrophobia >.<

My honey never afraid of the height...

Every movement would terrify me as well...I merely would hold on tight anything I could grab to...I could  neither take a photo of the scenery nor my honey due to I was totally stark...mamamia!!!

Look downward...still scary to me!!!

Wow! You gotta be kidding me! While we were almost reached uphill, we saw one of the most famous adventure activities in Queenstwon- bungy-jumping, which locates at an extremely unobstructed high altitude from ground. I'd never take part in this enormous dangerous game, I'm too coward for that...haha.

Yes! We have reached uphill of < Skyline Queenstown >.

Skyline Queenstown
Brecon St; PO Box 17,
Queenstwon New Zealand.
Tel:  +6434410101
Fax:  +6434426391

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