Monday, 21 May 2012

Special Coconut Sweet Corn Slice At Jatujak Bangkok

I would say this was the most delicious sweet corn I've ever had. I used to have < Sweet Corn in Cup > back in my country, basically they are made from corn grains by adding some salts, margarines & sugars, toss well and fill in a cup, it tastes fairly plain texture compares to what I have in Bangkok, Jatujak Weekend Market last year. It was so great in taste, plentiful texture with corn slices ( absolutely not in grains ) & coconut slices ( coconut makes this dessert has multistage of texture & fragrance ). 

The corn ain't removed by grains as what we usually have in Malaysia, it's cut by slices..

Scrape & scoop out some coconut slices....

Mix well by adding some salts and sugars I suppose...

It's done and ready to pour in the plastic bag....

Can't wait to savor the dessert...It merely costs THB 20 if I'm not mistaken..

You would never know how tasty it is, coconut & corn are definitely perfectly match to each other in taste, somewhat sweet & salty flavor, extremely savory. You have to try this < Coconut Sweet Corn Slices > when you come to Jatujak Bangkok or you'll gonna regret.

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