Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An Easy-peacy Sandwich-Maker For You & Your Love Ones

Wanna make a healthy breakfast for your love ones, yet easy-peacy like I do? Bread would be the first foodstuff picked by most of the people, overwhelmed. As a matter of fact bread is easy to get, convenient, not so costly, and certainly of its healthiness. Therefore sandwich has to be sort of very common bread thing ever, due to variety of sandwich as well as various ingredients of making the sandwiches, you can use tuna, salmon, mayonnaise, egg, ham, bacon and many more beyond literally for its ingredients. Nevertheless it's kinda messy if small kids are holding the sandwiches themselves, its ingredients would probably fall off within two slices of bread regardless of how the kids hold the sandwiches, so much that an adult either. Despite some would be using the sandwich maker toasts the bread to seal up the edges of the sandwiches, however the toasted sandwiches are differ from the fresh ones, the bread has been toasted to be more crunchy texture and surely would be losing certain of its element of healthiness I supposed. In addition to its texture & healthiness, the cleaning work after using quite irritating, it can't be washed with water nor soap, we can merely use wet cloths or tissue to clean it up, yet may not be clean enough due to some greasy things & stains. 

All of the problems as mentioned above has completely solved when I found this cute little gadget from < Homes > store in One Utama Damansara a couple of week ago. Perhaps many of you have been using this tool for years, however it's still newly to me. It's so handy, light, easy to clean or wash, yet operate by none of electric power but manpower..haha. 

This < Manual Sandwich Maker > ( Rm 4.99 ) which I bought from < Homes > store is so handy.The step of making a sandwich is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 
1) Simply open up the maker.

2) Place one piece of bread on it.

3) Place any ingredient you like, it can be ham, bacon, tuna, egg, mayonnaise, jam or anything.

4) Topping with another piece of bread on it.

5) Place nicely the heart-shaped cover on the center, and push down firmly until you can easily remove the edges of the breads.

6) Tadaa...The sandwich is done with sealed up every single edge, the ingredients completely stay firmly within. It's easy-peacy, isn't it?

A fine, nutrition, abundant yet no effort & time-saving breakfast is ready for you and your love ones. For an easy-peacy soft-boiled egg making, kindly ( Click Here ). Hence you mustn't have an excuse of being too rush for your breakfast nor too hard to have a nutrition breakfast no more regardless.

My niece & nephew love it so much, it's so handful and no worry of filling-dripping no more. We have a wonderful, no rushing, no messy breakfast in every morning with our love ones, with just a simple little tool.  

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