Monday, 11 June 2012

Feel The Excitement Of Luge Riding @ Skyline Queenstown

< Skyline Luge > is one of the amusing activities you must try in Queenstown. We had purchased the ticket includes Return Gondola & 1 Luge Ride for Scenic track ( NZ$ 33.00 perpax ). Advanced track was too trilling to me, I'm kinda coward indeed. Nevertheless the < Skyline Luge > is exciting ride for all ages and abilities. Upon arrival at the top terminal by the Sky Gondola ( Click Here ), we will need to exit the gondola and make our way upstair & outside to the complimentary chairlift to access the top of Luge riding start zone.

Plenty of safety lockers are attached next to the entrance of the chairlifts slope up to the Luge riding start zone. Please kindly keep your belongings as handbags & packs into the locker before proceed to the chairlift.

Collect your helmet according to the size of your head ( S, M or L )....

Blue for M..

Red for S....

And Green for L...

Ok, it's time to proceed to chairlift...Feel excited but nervous, in fact I'm acrophobia >.<

We have had our Luge stamping..

Wow! Mamamia...It's really high from ground, and you could tell by looking how tense I grabbed the chairlift's iron rod, you would definitely know how terrified I was...

Despite I was extremely terrified, I could still enjoy the captivating surroundings along the way....Amazing~

Remember to smile at the spot of photo taking section while chair-lifting uphill, sure you wanna keep the photo as memory with an awesome & spectacular overview of Queenstown & The Remarkable as backdrop. ( P/S: you gonna pay for it, it ain't FOC..haha.. )

We were almost there...The start zone....


There are two tracks for Luge riding, Scenic Track is a rather leisurely ride with gentle gradient, easy bends, tunnels and dips ( suitable for small kids and adult as me, my apology to my honey that he has to accompany me to the Scenic Track instead of Advanced Track, anyway he was willingly and gladly to do so ^^ ) & Advanced Track has a steeper gradient and is a more adventurous ride with thrills of banked corners, tunnels, dippers and cuttings.

A must-do thing for both of us regardless of anywhere we go...Smile & snap a photo ^^

Wooo....I can feel the excitement of descending in spite of it is merely the Scenic track with gentle gradient. I was a bit left behind owing to I kept pulling the handlebar to reduce the cart's speed, whereas my honey needed to stop several time to wait for me...Haha...Despite I am a fast-driver who always speeding while being the driver in the car, somehow I simply can't overcome the fear whenever get into some sort of speedy thrilling games, for instance skiing, water slides, snow slides, ice-skating which I can't really dominate the speed of the tools that I sits/stands on it. 

My honey let me overtook him at the ultimate zone where our Luge-riding photo was snapped. In fact the track was quite icy & slippery due to Wintertime, look at the piled-up snows alongside the track. 

Purchasing our photos captured during chair lifting & Luge riding.

Yeah! Got it!

Don't forget to purchase yours for keeping in the album as memoir to reminisce someday..

For further information about Luge Queenstown, please kindly visit the link as below

Skyline Queenstown
Brecon St; PO Box 17,
Queenstwon New Zealand.
Tel:  +6434410101
Fax:  +6434426391

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