Wednesday, 13 June 2012

High Altitude Refreshment WIth Stunning Vista Of Queenstown

On the arrival of the top terminal of Bob's Peak via Sky Gondola ( Click Here ), a purpose built viewing platform and outdoor terrace provide a great photo opportunities. We've got the best breathtaking views in the region completely unfold before our eyes.

A spectacular 220'degree panoramic overview of Lake Wakatipu, The Remarkables, Coronet Peak, Walter Peak, Cecil Peak & over Queenstown. It was really amazing to have such breathtaking vista as well as the awesome atmosphere up there, sunny clear blue sky & cold windy weather, they were perfectly compatible our outing. ^^

Have your photo shooting with this complimentary "Toy" sky gondola at the platform then...

It was extremely windy being at the lofty platform. I better clench tightly the banister before I get blown away by the overwhelmed cold gales.

You'd never get tired of gazing an amazing scenery you find in New Zealand, especially from a high altitude that give you an overviewing the region entirely.

Honey, say cheese~

I am absolutely an acrophobia, yes I do. I could easily be terrified by simply standing and posing close to the railing of any high altitude. The cold gales caused an unsafe feeling of standing at the outdoor terrace, I was dread of being blown away and fallen down into the foot of the mountain, my camera, my scarf, my bag, as well as myself....This is why I claim myself an acrophobic.

My honey so naughty, pretend to be fallen to terrify me >.<

Cool pose, cold weather & awesome backdrop...

Spectacular scenery as my backdrop. 

Bungy-jumping, one of the most popular adventure activities in NZ. An overwhelming audacious people from all over the places, in or out of the country, come to challenge themselves all year long. Not me for sure...

We need to exit the terminal, and take a pretty short walking distance to access to chairlift.

Proceeding to the chair lifting zone, which would bring us to access to the top of Skyline and have our Luge Riding ( Click Here ). My honey was so excited ^^

We were taking some photos after had our Luge Riding ( Click Here )

The blazing sun made me couldn't even open my eyes, fortunately the weather was cold and dry enough to get rid of being sweat.

What a great outdoor atmosphere to have some refreshments after the rides. 

Awesome atmosphere...

Went indoor the cafe to pick some pastry and drinks for refreshment..

Meringue Creature > ( NZ$ 2.50 ) looks yummy. I was going to pick one of them.

< Black Forest Cake > ( NZ$ 5.00 ), due to the day was happened to be my late mum's birthday, me & my honey decided to buy a cake for my mum, in order to sing her a birthday song.

Coffee Menu, in fact coffee is not my favorite, therefore I'd rather to choose a soda drinks.

Meringue Creature > ( NZ$ 2.50 ), the creature was in a caterpillar-shaped, so cute and barely to eat it somehow.

Black Forest Cake > ( NZ$ 5.00 ), a cake for my late mum, as well as for us.

Have had our orders, however still need to wait for my honey's coffee to be done. Therefore we needed to stay indoor before proceeding to outdoor seat with magnificent surroundings.

Yeah! The light is on, means our coffee is ready.

The cafe atmosphere was great either, clean, cosy & expansive...However we wanted to feel the outdoor ambience which unfold a spectacular & fascinating views before our eyes while having our refreshments.

It looks awesome being outdoor, doesn't it? However it was extremely freezing out there with cold gales, in spite of the sunny day. 

I love the atmosphere being out there, vast blue sky, fascinating overview of Queenstown, tranquil and peaceful circumstance, a place & atmosphere I'd never had back in my country, a place & atmosphere I'd die for...absolutely down to earth. 

It was extremely freezing...

Haha...The chairlifts we were taking to access to the Luge rides are next to us...

Our pastry's also posed for photo outdoor, they look more fascinating with a beautiful scenery as backdrop. Me and my honey have sung a birthday song for my late mum in this lovely atmosphere. Guess my mum should hear it from Heaven, after all NZ is a beautiful heavenly country that I was hardly distinguish real from imitation, certainly it must be very close to Heaven then ^^

My ginger beer...

Shall we start? ginger beer is tasty & refreshing. Somehow the weather was too freezing that we have to move in to get ourselves warmer.

Hehe...We have moved in...It is cosy in here...

Pity caterpillar has lost its tale >.<

After having our refreshment, it was toward evening, we have to get back in town to have our dinner and wandering the central. Awaiting Skyline Gondola ( Click Here )

Sloped downhill by return Skyline Gondola ( Click Here ) once more, get terrified once again...

My honey looks cool & steady...Yeah!

Skyline Queenstown
Brecon St; PO Box 17,
Queenstwon New Zealand.
Tel:  +6434410101
Fax:  +6434426391

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