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Church Of The Good Shepherd- The Heavenly Place For Your Wedding Vow

< The Church Of The Good Shepherd >, a memorial to the pioneers of the Mackenzie, lies on the shore of Lake Tekapo on Pioneer Drive with the surroundings left in their natural state covered with matagouri, tussock and rock. It was built to last from lakeside stone and oak with a clear plate glass window to allow a view of the turquoise lake from its dam-controlled outlet at the village, due north to tussock brown hillsides and mountain scenery. It has also captured the hearts of couples from all over the world and is a quaint and unassuming but enormously romantic venue for New Zealand wedding.

We were right after driving downhill from the vicinity cafe < Astro Cafe Mt John ( Click Here ) >, which fully enclosed with glass unfolds a spectacular 360'degree overview of stunning turquoise water of Lake Tekapo, Mackenzie Basin, Southern Alps and Aoraki Mount Cook from the top of < Mount John Astro Cafe ( Click Here ) >. The Historic Church and Monument was about to reach on the corner, within 5-10 minutes drove from Astro Cafe

It's an old fashion stone Church sitting beside the edge of the Lake Tekapo, yet well known for picturesque beauty of its surroundings...Lovely.

Historic < Church Of The Good Shepherd >, well known for its magnificent surroundings, and also a popular wedding venue in New Zealand. As can be seen and proven from the pictures taken, it looks divine, inspiring, magnificent, lofty and unsullied in any angle regardless. ❤❤

 Regardless of < The Church Of The Good Shepherd > itself or its surroundings is too lovely to stop pressing our camera's shutter. 

< Church Of The Good Shepherd To The Glory Of God And In Memory Of The Pioneers Of The Mackenzie Country >

It was opened to visitors, thanks God!

My honey and I contributed some funds to the church, hope our little donations may helping the poor anyway.

The alter window in the < Church Of The Good Shepherd >, designed to encompass the beauty of God's creation. You will know this word is truly authenticated to be genuine if you ever came here...

If me and my honey were still unmarried at the moment, we would gonna say out our wedding vows in front the altar and held a simple but remarkable wedding in this small yet serene church. The turquoise colored, glacier-fed Lake Tekapo and the view to the amazing snow-topped mountain ranges in the distance are going to witness this...❤❤❤

A large panoramic window behind the altar is deliberately clear to allow an uninterrupted view of Lake Tekapo and the spectacular Southern Alps mountain range beyond, and Motuariki Island to the right has pines with large cones. As it's said "The alter window in the Church Of The Good Shepherd designed to encompass the beauty of God's creation"....and is a serene place to stand and say your wedding vow....❤❤ 

The < Church Of The Good Shepherd > sits literally only metros from the shores of the turquoise colored, glacier-fed Lake Tekapo, and the view to the magnificent snow-topped mountain ranges in the distance is something wedding couples remember for the rest of their lives....Romantic ❤❤❤

Once we entered the church, we could feel the serene, tranquil and peacefully calm, despite it's quite ancient and narrow, somehow the atmosphere was great enough, no clamorous nor stuffy air, after all this is a place for worship, please treats it with respect as we do.

Taking photos of every nook....

Seen from the side, it's still imposing and beautiful, isn't it?

The rear of the church...

The rear of the church from the outside of the panoramic window behind the altar.

Can you notice the turquoise colored lake and snow topped mountain ranges as my backdrop? They are simply picturesque & lovely, aren't they?

Capture and being captured...haha!

Remarkable scenery... Captured photos again, again and again....We aspire to remain the amazing sights & sweetest memories of our footprints wherever we go in this world. ❤❤

Never gonna miss a thing....

Church Of The Good Shepherd,
Lake Tekapo 7999
New Zealand.

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