Saturday, 21 July 2012

Khind Mini Chopper- An Effortless Handheld Tool For Your Minced Meat n Chopped Vegetables

Khind Mini Chopper > is a kitchen essential, designed to make your time in the kitchen easier. It is also the smallest chopper I've ever seen or use. Apart from that it's even much more cheaper than any other chopper I know, it's merely costs Rm 69.00. Some brand products maybe small and light ( somehow still larger than this ), but absolutely expensive ( most probably more than Rm100.00 ). Certainly chopper price varies with the difficulty of the purpose. However this handy sized < Khind Mini Chopper > unit is ideal for processing meats as well as vegetables too. 

Khind Mini Chopper > has 3 colors, Lavender, Green and Blue. 

Excellent Chopping Result.
Stainless Steel Blade.
Transparent Container-View Chopping Process.
One Touch Operation.
Safe To Use.

Khind Mini Chopper > has so delicate size. Can easily grasp in hand, operate with one touch and make cleaning simple.

< Khind Mini Chopper > has very lovely design. Tiny, cute and handy though.

Blade Assembly and Bowl Cover can be easily dismantled from the Food Processor Body for cleaning & maintenance.

Stainless Steel Blade offer efficiency and durability.

Remove skin and sinew of the meat, cut into 1.5cm pieces.

Don't overload the appliance with food. Max amount of the meat in one operate is 150g.

Transparent container for viewing the chopping process as well.

One touch operation. Press button to operate, release button to stop. 

Approximately 10 seconds, all the meats are completely fine chopped. ( Do not operate continuously for more than 20 seconds, nonetheless 10 seconds will be more than enough to get it done so fine ).

The meat is so fine and well blend.. And the cleaning job afterward is likely to be done.


  1. Hi can this Khind mini chopper be used to make ground peanut? we wish to make it for CNY cookies

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Regarding to your question if this mini chopper can be used to make ground peanut? I suppose the answer is No. Most of the mini choppers are not advisable for chopping anything that's too hard in texture, which could damage the blades. If you only want to chop an onion or blend a small portion of baby foods, mini chopper maybe the answer. I guess food processor will be your choice of making ground peanut. :-)

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