Thursday, 16 August 2012

Recipe: Sushi Tuna Spring Roll ( Popiah ) 吞拿鱼寿司薄饼

< Sushi Tuna Spring Roll ( Popiah ) 吞拿鱼寿司薄饼 > is my very own recipe. It's so easy to be done and ready for the afternoon light refreshment or supper. It tastes like sushi but much more crunchy and fragrant with its spring roll pastry, since I have some leftover rice in my fridge a day before and mayonnaise, a tin of tuna chunk in oil and a packet of spring roll pastry in my pantry, hence I have an idea of making this light dishes. However I have made two different sushi tuna spring roll, one with mayonnaise whereas the other without it. Simply another way of having sushi, another texture differ from sushi we used to have before. I'm glad that my honey loves it so much unexpectedly.  

1 tin          Rex Tuna chunks in oil
1               Spring roll pastry
1               Magarine or butter ( Butter causes more salty taste )
1 bowl      Rice ( cooked )
1               Mayonnaise

  1. Spread some magarine on a piece of spring roll pastry.
  2. Wet your palm, and put a tablespoon of cooked rice on it, slightly press the rice in palm to shape it.
  3. Place the rice on the spring roll pastry.
  4. Topping with one teaspoon of tuna flakes on rice.
  5. You may add mayonnaise or without it ( Both are great in slightly different tastes, depends on individual preference as well ).
  6. Fold the bottom part upward and following with the both sides.
  7. Place on a plate and preheat the oven at 180'degree.
  8. Bake the spicy tuna spring roll at 180'degree for 20 minutes ( Don't bake for too long for avoiding the rice becomes too hard ). 


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